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There is no single definition of culture. Different scholars give different definitions for this human related phenomenon. In spite of this, all definitions that exist have common features that can be combined into the one by its meaning. It is worth mentioning that culture may refer only to people. People of different origin, races, backgrounds and countries have their own cultural values and norms. Different regions, countries or groups of people may have their own customs, traditions, values, and norms that make their own culture. Cultural dimensions help individuals cultivate their values, norms, attitudes, roles, and behavior according to their organized system of living and thinking (Leyland, 2006).

The role of culture is obvious in people`s behavior and life style. It also penetrates into individuals` behavior according to their social and material status, native origin, language differences, and a lot of other variables that form a cultural dimension. It is often hard to understand people`s behavior if they come from other countries, because if it is considered to be a standard norm for one nation or region, it may be unacceptable for another. That is why, when travelling to another country, it is advisable to learn the main norms and customs of the country that a person is going to visit. For example, if a European woman is going to visit a Muslim country, she is supposed to be aware of the differences in dressing. The knowledge of culture gives a person a possibility to feel comfortable in the environment and do not be confused or got in ridiculous situations. The cultural differences are shaping the identity of each group, organization, and region in the world. Due to the cultural differences people are keeping their individual approaches to values, roles in society, norms of behavior, and even thinking.

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