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The client’s signature testifies that the information was obtained from him/her. By providing the signature the client confirms that all information is truthful and that the doctors will not be held accountable for any errors made because of some omissions in the health history (Pickett & Gurenlian, 2010). The date is also important as it indicates the time when the information was gathered and helps the practitioner to make informed decisions about the patient’s treatment. It also gives a chance to update information according to any changes made. Complete information gives a comprehensive picture of the patient’s past treatments and other medical history. It may influence the choice of medication or procedures. When analyzing health history it is important to suggest the best course of action for the person.

The analysis section of health history provides reference for a dentist as it includes valuable information regarding the verification of data obtained from the patient, laboratory data, completed medical examinations, and the future treatments as related to the information provided. Together with the above information, this section is useful in case there is a lawsuit against the dentist. Careful documentation shows a sign of care and a legal base for justifying the practitioner (Pickett & Gurenlian, 2010).

The regulations that ensure information privacy were enacted in 2003. They make sure that data kept electronically was not compromised. They also state that information can only be disclosed to the extent that it is needed and that only people directly involved may know the information (Pickett & Gurenlian, 2010). The regulations are of great importance because they serve as a tool to protect personal information of a patient. The client feels secure when information is kept private; in case data is abusive, a person has a legal right to sue the party that is disclosing the information without a good reason.

In case of an emergency situation, the whole staff should be able to function efficiently and steadily. When everyone knows his/her role unnecessary hustle is avoided. That is why the staff should be trained for emergencies. The more emergency protocols are practiced, the more internalized they become and the greater the chance is to address the emergency situation effectively.

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