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Water is a chemical compound that is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. This compound is basic for life as it has been indicated by researchers in the area. It has a wide area of usage. Almost every aspect of human life has some relationship or link to water. Humans use water for recreation, drinking, and many other uses. Water has taught us that there cannot be life without it; water performs important biological functions in the body and without water, human beings would die within a short period of time.

Water has taught us that without it, no economic progress would be made. Major economies have always been built around important water sources. Through water sources like seas, rivers, and oceans, water transport has been made a huge resource. Fishing is also an activity that depends on water (Lomborg, 20). These water sources have thereby created employment opportunities besides providing appropriate and sometimes cheaper means of transport and hence making trade between states easier. This has the positive effect of promoting understanding between nations and providing avenues for assistance in case of the need of urgent aid.

Through water, we have learned that plants would not survive. These living things depend on water to act as a solvent and provide them with nutrients from the soil. The nutrients and other minerals are first dissolved in water for them to be ready to transport to the necessary areas and be utilized by the plant species. In the process of photosynthesis, sunlight provides energy that breaks down water to free the hydrogen element that is required for the fixing of carbon four oxides. This aids the process by which food is manufactured in plants. This has depicted that without water there could be no food for plants thus leading to their deaths.

No form of life would be sustained in the absence of water on earth. This is argued from the fact that water provides a favorable mechanism for the regulation of weather conditions hence providing an appropriate atmospheric condition, which supports life. This is accomplished due to the existence of water vapor in the atmosphere and solid water, which enhances a relatively steady surface temperature.

We also learn from water that no aquatic life would be sustained in the absence of it. Many plants only thrive in water. They can only survive in seas, rivers or oceans. Animals like vertebrates only survive in water. Fish is an example of life in water. Where there is no water, there won’t be fish thereby limiting those who may fish for a living or who may like to consume fish as food.

In industries, water is an equally vital component. It is used as a fire extinguisher, coolant, solvent, and as neutral compound. These roles, therefore, preserve water as the most important resource on earth and life. As has been discussed above,  nothing can be sustained on earth without water. I, therefore, concur with the personalities who proclaim that water is life, taking into account its wide range of usage in agriculture, home, industries, transportation, and habitats.

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