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Why do people collect things? Why do they keep them? Why do people do things? Everybody has a reasoning behind it. Personally I don’t see a point in collecting things, I find it quite useless, time, space and energy consuming. The only thing that is worth collecting is a book. However, I am a black sheep comparing to the rest of my family in this regard, every one of the collected something at some point

My brother was dared by a friend to put together a collection on quarters with a states on one side. He won the deal, but he enjoyed the process so much that he decide to keep going with this, for him it is still a dare just a personal one. Mom is whole another story, she collects dolls. She is so fascinated with them, some of them she considers masterpieces, some of them she simply adores. She is up on all the forums and websites reading about them, looking through the tons of pictures. Flea markets, Craig’s list, toy stores, you name it she has been there. For her it is a pure obsession with object of her collecting habit. My little sister used to collect happy meal toys; she was just crazy about them. She is just a victim of marketing, nothing more, she would play with it for about 15 minutes, and throw it in the closet.

People collect things for different reasons. Some people just need a meaning in their life, something to hold on to and live for. For others their collections are their whole life, the live for these collections. It is cute and adorable when people do it . However, if it gets out of hand, and people start collection all the junk in the world and turn into hoarders.

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