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The American healthcare system has been significantly damaged primarily due to shortages in primary care clinicians and nursing personnel. Therefore, the health care sector needs a well developed strategy in order to improve the organization of the system as a whole and efficient distribution of certain types of professionals all over the country.

There are various reasons for the aggravation of workforce shortage tendencies; although I believe there are few reasons that were the most critical. First, an increase in medical schools fee, unpopularity of the profession and health care professional work dissatisfaction led to much less people willing to choose a career in health care. This was the most influential factor to the recent issues in the health care system since there were not enough professionals studying in colleges and universities to get a job in the sector. Some professionals were resigning due to being unsatisfied with their work. Moreover, there is not an institution that deals with the effective distribution of workforce in the health care sphere. It leads to some areas facing a great shortage of certain types of health care professionals.

Another influential factor that contributes to the issue is an increase in demand for health care services. The modern pace of life leads to people having more disease, early aging, and an increase of the population itself. Moreover, the generation of baby boomers is now becoming older; thus, the estimations show that people aged 65 or older will constitute about 20% of the American population. The mentioned factor is the reasons why more professionals in the health care sector are currently needed.

Some solutions can be taken on the short-term basis in order to start modifying the health care system in the nearest future. Such short-term actions might include governmental support of the health care personnel in specialties and areas of high need. The workforce shortage in unpopular medical spheres and areas can be prevented by introducing a new funding program to the employees to encourage them work in certain places. The funding should work on the long-term contract basis requiring employees to work in the chosen area for at least a year or more; it would make the workforce distribution and planning system more stable.

Furthermore, a number of trainings must be introduced to the health care professionals in order to raise the efficiency of the sector. Launching new training courses would improve the approach of the United States towards workforce shortages and the way they are dealt with. Cross-training of personnel would increase their knowledge and skills in different spheres of health care and the quality of the health service; it would enable improving the way health care professionals are distributed.

Long-term solutions to the problems that arose with the workforce shortages in health care require considering some global restructuring actions. First of all, a special employment commission on national health should be created in order to develop national policies in the sector. The idea of creating such organization is to assure constant monitoring and examining the health care system, efficiently distributing the workforce, taking decisions on the funding, and evaluating the regulation programs in the sector.

Furthermore, the government should provide special funding and support to students who are currently enrolled in graduate nursing education in order to attract more students who would then become nursing teachers and nursing personnel. Reaching the needed amount of health care personnel might be possible through supporting students with low income and from rural areas in pursuing a career in health care.


To summarize, the health care system of the USA is suffering from poor organization, decrease of the professions popularity, and economic factors. Thus, a whole new policy should be developed in the sector on the basis of suggestions described in the paper with a help of American Medical Association that permanently works on improving the health care system in general and meeting the patients and physicians demand.

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