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During the civil wars in America, the issue of the civil liberties became a menace as the government that comprised of the president and the judiciary that involved the courts did not agree on their fate. But later on the matter was discussed when Lincoln was suspended when the citizens decided to have a petition so that they would be relieved from unnecessary imprisonment that had increasingly risen among them. The exercise of petitioning was referred to as habeas corpus, whereby the one who was petitioning had to sign a legal document that was issued by the courts. The document would lower the court or an individual who is responsible for a person’s imprisonment to ensure that the victim is brought before the judges in a court. The main aim of this document was to monitor the legality of someone’s imprisonment. Later on Lincoln suspended the exercise after some citizens decided to riot in Baltimore city when the troops from the Union came after the invitation from the president, as he was dreading that the city of Maryland would join the bandwagon hence interfering with public order and even causing more damages .The civil liberties were restricted from getting access to their fundamental human rights such as speech, freedom to assemble and even right to religion (Civil Liberties and censorship).

As the progressive movement was put into effect, many changes took place as the common citizens would lead a better life. Working hours were reduced, safety, their salaries, and their job security too. It also attacked the harassment of capitalists and replaced it with the rule of socialists. It ensured that there was equality among the member citizens. The strikes also were minimal and, as the working conditions of the workers were improved especially in homesteads and even railroads. (Sage J.).

In 1950, the television became important as children would spend most of their time watching and like that, their social norms and the culture of the youth were discovered. During the later years almost all houses in America had television set. This was significant because most of the Americans would get to know what was happening in their country. Through advertisements, many products would get to be sold as even those who did not have any idea about such products. This boosted the sales especially to many companies. But, television resulted to laziness and decrease in production as most people spent most of their time watching. (Phan J, Lam J, and Tran P 1950).

Most Americans opposed the war in Vietnam because of a number of reasons. One of them was that of the anti-war movement that was formed in order to protect the economy of America. They believed that the war would be costly ton the Americans. Another one was that of those individuals who were protecting the rights of civilians in Vietnam. That made Martin .L. Jnr, to openly support the movement that was against the war, basing his argument on moral grounds. The bombing of northern Vietnam in February of that, quickened the pace at which demonstration was carried, as most civil rights leaders started conducting seminars teaching on moral values and many people were converted to the anti-war group. (Barringer M).

Several movements were formed to deal with the problems that the Americans had. One of them comprised of people of different race especially from the south who were fighting against racial discrimination that the Native Americans practiced in order to protect their culture. Another movement involved the poor people who were against being discriminated by the rich. In the midst of the war, large amounts of resources were used to ensuring that the military was well equipped and most Americans were against it, some even went ahead calling their own country as militaristic world power (Social movements in 1960s).

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