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The world history has an abundance of examples of influential and powerful empires, which played an integral role in different aspects of their citizens’ life. One of such examples is Persian and Assyrian empires. Comparing both of them, it is noteworthy to admit that they had much in common.

First of all, the communication and transport systems of the Assyrians were as well-developed as those of the Persians. In spite of it, both nations desired “at times to expand their control without conquest”. The experience of both countries showed that it was a prerequisite for an alliance, which could become quite long-lasting. On the other hand, military forces were important both for the Assyrians and for the Persians. For instance, the Persian monarchs “created a standing army of professional soldiers”. On the other hand, the Assyrians managed to unite a large territory by means of their warriors. Furthermore, it was more than significant for both countries to have a native at the head of the state so that only a native Persian could rule the Persian Empire, and a native Assyrian could become a governor in his empire. Another similarity of both nations was rapid development of their cultures. They also tried to trace back to the cultures of other nations. For instance, the Persians “acquired the Phoenician alphabet from the Aramaeans”, whereas the Assyrians “maintained and spread the culture of the past”.

The differences between the Assyrians and the Persians were quite few. The major of them comprised the territory occupied by each empire. The Assyrian Empire was located in Iraq, and the Persian Empire was in Iran. What is more, the languages spoken in each empire were different.

In conclusion, it is necessary to state that the Assyrian and the Persian empires had a big number of similarities. In spite of this, it is a common knowledge that those nations were enemies. This is the reason why their history is a material for a profound analysis of the relationships between the different nations and the prerequisites of their conflicts.

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