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There was a growth of bad relations between these two unions. This led to the American government ignoring all aids it was rendering towards the Soviet for post war reconstruction. This marked the beginning of the cold war between the Soviet Union and the US.

The cold war. It has been noted that the Truman Doctrine actually marked the active start of the cold war. This had happened after the British government was unable to support the Greek government which was being fought by communist guerillas getting support from Yugoslavia. Turkey was in a similar position and this caused an alarm to the US. This lead to the declaration of the Truman Doctrine which claimed that the US government could offer support to any nation which was being oppressed by external forces with an aim of taking away their freedom. Following the declaration of the Truman Doctrine, the US gave massive support ton the Turkey and Greek governments which made it possible for those governments to defeat the opposition which was being backed by the communist government.

The US government set out to counter the growing influence of the Soviet Union especially in Europe. The US government figured out that if the European nations could be stable then they could fall under the influence of communism. After a speech by the U.S. secretary of state in 1947 the U.S. offered to give financial aid to European countries. This financial aid could make the European states stables and finally get rid of the communism influence.

The struggles within the Europe led to the parliamentary democracy in the western part of Europe. Under the influence of the US the communist party became illegal in West Germany with communist ministers being dismissed from the coalition governments of France and Italy. The Soviet Union also made some strong advances in the Eastern Europe where it strongly consolidated its power on its satellite nations.

The Berlin crisis

The greatest struggle was experienced on the land of Germany where a lot of resources were used. The Soviet Union was in control of the Eastern Germany while the Capitalists were in control of the Western Germany region. The unions struggled to outdo each other by trying to undermine the other region. The Soviet Union controlled the region which supplied food while the other western region was responsible for industrial products. The Soviet Union sought to separate the two regions by seeking to block the food suppliers to the western region. The U.S. airlifted some food suppliers to western Germany and eventually the Soviet Union gave up on Eastern German.


It has been reported that though the cold war was mainly fought in the Europe continent there are other regions which were involved. Nations like China, Vietnam and Korea have experienced the tension of the cold war. It is worthy to note that military organizations such as NATO were formed as a result of the threats that the Soviet Union posed to the continent of Europe. The cold war weakened towards the mid 1950s as it came to the realization of the two nations that they could easily destroy each other due to the fact that both held advanced weapons at their disposal. There was also some considerable weakening between the super powers and their respective satellite nations.

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