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AP US History Essay on Slavery

The Anti-Slavery Movement and the American Revolution War

This particular movement, The Anti-Slavery Movement set off in Europe around the 1770’s. However it swiftly stretched to the United States during the American Revolutionary War. Immediately after the war, the Mason-Dixon, having been reviewed in 1667 to set up a boundary linking the English protectorates of Maryland as well as Pennsylvania, in the long run turned out to be the boundary connecting the Northern and the Southern States. In USA, this movement was referred as Abolitionist Movement. Never the less it was still not well established in 1780s; the time when the settlement of the Northwest region was being consider. It is not possible to break up the Anti-Slavery pressure group from the secretive force.

US Anti-Slavery Society and the American Constitution

This Movement influenced the American Constitution plus the Northwest region in various ways. There is a difference between the Anti-Slavery pressure group with the US Anti-Slavery Society established officially in 1831. The new movement was formed because of the Anti- Slavery Movement; however the Anti-Slavery pressure group stands for a world-wide outlook. The Historical establishment of Washington County, Ohio, in 1788, is mainly considered as “local history”. Actually the formal narration of the Northwest region along with the whole United States was deeply influenced by settlers in Washington County, Ohio.

The completion of the Northwest terrain was the initial major U.S. governmental achievement to operate having no hindrance of antiquated regulations established throughout the English Colonial era. In town ship of Decatur the county of “western” Washington, Ohio, there exists small village named Cutler in respect of the Cutler family unit. Cutler however was among the first branches on the subversive Railroad. This was no mishap, but to a certain extent the direct product of Manasseh Cutler’s anti-slavery feelings.

Manasseh Cutler Biography

Manasseh Cutler, was born in Killingly, Conn., in the year 1742 .He toiled on his father’s ranch and a geared up for college under Rev. Aaron Brown. He later joined university of Yale where he graduated with credit in 1765. He then the following year married Mary Balch of Dedham, Mass. subsequent to studying law, he joined Massachusetts courts in 1767. Later on he was approved to sermon at Hamlet parish. Throughout the American radical War, he worked as chaplain in Col. Ebenezer Francis’s 11th Massachusetts division.

As soon as the war ended Manasseh Cutler went back at Hamlet parish and shortly started do medicine. During his time he could combine both the religious and physical interests of his worshippers. Not holding out the countless duties of his energetic life, he went on with his habits of learning and created time for doing research in meteorology, astronomy, botany as well as family sciences. He was the first to systematically examine the plants of New England, along with over 359 varieties were scanned by him and grouped according to the Linnaean classification. As a scientist, he was following just to Benjamin Franklin.

The Abolition Movement in US

The Abolition movement took place in the 1800’s. It was aimed to put slavery to an end to end. Most of abolitionist’s commotion happened in USA as well as in Great Britain; although it also occurred in other nations. The American Colonization Society of America led antislavery protests throughout the early 1800’s. Its ambition was to drive the liberated slaves to Liberia, Africa. The movement gradually went throughout the Northern United States, though it was not the wish for southern states. Nearly all of the well recognized abolitionist leaders were from New England. A number of them were women who had imperative roles to play. These include:

  • John Greenleaf Whittier
  • James Russell Lowell
  • Theodore Weld
  • Wendell Phillips
  • Lewis Tappan
  • Arthur and Lucretia Mott
  • Robert Purvis
  • James Forten and others.

This movement in 1840 got into a new stage, after a number of its leaders joined politics and created the Liberty Party. James G. Birney became its president in 1840 as well as in 1844. Abolitionists happened to be significant in 1848 to the Free Soil Party. However a lot of abolitionists shore up the Republican Party after 1854. Abolitionists after joining politics had more interest in their foundation than in political administrative centers. They connected political complaint with direct accomplishment. At times their quarters even turned out to be stations on the subversive force. This was helpful to slaves that were demanding to arrive in Free states or else to Canada.

While historians argue the extent of the abolitionists’ pressure on the nation’s political existence after 1840, their blow on northern civilization as well as society is indisputable. As speakers, Wendell Phillips, Frederick Douglass and Lucy Stone in particular turned out to be extremely well recognized. In well-liked literature the poems of John Greenleaf Whittier as well as James Russell Lowell spread extensively, just like the biographies of escapee slaves counting William, Douglass Solomon, Northrop and Ellen Craft.

Abolitionists practiced mainly a tough influence on spiritual life, causative seriously to schisms that alienated the Methodists along with Baptists, while beginning numerous self-governing antislavery “free churches.” In upper education abolitionists established Oberlin College, the nation’s earliest experiment in ethnically incorporated co-education. Moreover the Oneida Institute graduated an inspiring group of African-American influentials. Not forgetting Illinois’s Knox school, a western hub of abolitionism.


Slave traders, owners, organization, governments as well as businesses that facilitated slavery were ethically wrong. Nevertheless, slavery for now is legally eradicated in US. The offspring of slaves are nowadays free men and women. However they may perhaps find it hard to advance their situation. However the reality remains; they are free. Thanks to the antislavery movement. It’s now up to the Leaders of both races to concentrate on improving the circumstances of poor blacks in America- not through compensation, but by edification, chances, along with hard work.

Slavery will forever be a ghost in America’s history, scaring all who stares back. at the moment America should look forward. Perhaps the largest part America should do for it’s people is to ask for forgiveness for slavery, pledge it will not ever take place again, and afterward focus on working towards a improved tomorrow. Never the less, this cannot satisfy everybody. But not anything will.

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