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According to history, the American Revolutionary War is regarded as the greatest war in the American history. In particular, the battle of Yorktown is presumed to be the most crucial war in American history (Black, 2006). Therefore, there is need of analyzing the battle of Yorktown in order to understand what was happening. In this case, the significance of the battle of Yorktown is analyzed deeply. Secondly, the impact of the battle in America is evaluated. Thirdly, an analysis of how the battle was planned is done. Finally, the causes or reasons as to why the British failed during the battled are evaluated. Based on the above key points, learners and other American users of the study will have a clear view of the battle of Yorktown.

The battle of Yorktown has immense significance to the American society. The battle is valuable because it shows how the Americans won the war from the British. The British had been colonizing the Americans for a long time. At this point, the Americans needed to gain their independence (Black, 2006). In respect to this, Americans were fighting many battles against the British, but they were not successful. Additionally, this battle was significant because it marked the end of the American revolutionary war. After the Americans in collaboration with the French ended the battle of Yorktown, the American Revolutionary war ended (Black, 2006). It is essential not to forget that the battle of Yorktown was extremely valuable to the people who were going to win because the region was strategically located. The ports were connecting Yorktown with the other town or states in America. For this reason, the group that was to win the war was gaining a strategic advantage over the others. Therefore, this clearly shows that the battle of Yorktown was extremely influential.

The battle of Yorktown also had a great impact on the Americans. This is because after the battle had ended, America became independent. In spite of the battle marking the end of American Revolutionary War, it also marked the independence of America (Crewe & Anderson, 2005). Additionally, it was because of the strategies applied by General George Washington that led Americans to defeat the British (Fradin, 2009). After gaining independence, the Americans chose General George Washington to become the first American President. In addition to the above, the battle had an immense impact because it also marked the end of the British reign. This is because other nations across the globe were realizing that the British could be defeated (Skaggs, Grainger, & Greene, 2006). Therefore, not only did the battle play massive impact on the American independence, it also played an enormous impact in creating the first American President.

General George Washington started planning the war after realizing that the British army had isolated themselves in Yorktown from New York City (American Revolution, 2012). General Washington took this opportunity to ask their allies, the French, for reinforcement for purposes of defeating the British. In this case, the French was to move near the harbors where they were going to cut of any supplies the British were receiving from outside. On the other corner, the Americans were supposed to suppress the British army battalion by battalion forcing them to surrender (Skaggs, Grainger, & Greene, 2006). In order to this, General Washington took advantage of the huge clouds for the Americans to hide while they were getting closer on the British defenses (Crewe & Anderson, 2005). Finally, they were to fire at the British defenses using all their ammunition for hours making sure that the British would not be able to repair them (Skaggs, Grainger, & Greene, 2006).

On the other hand, several things caused the British to be defeated in the battle. First, when the British secluded themselves into Yorktown from New York City, they made themselves vulnerable from attacks (Crewe & Anderson, 2005). This is because they did not have strong defense lines and they could not get any support from their allies through the harbors. Secondly, the British did not consider taking advantage of the weather like the Americans and the French were doing. This gave General Washington added advantage to prepare and attack the British. On the other hand, the British were relaxing and waiting for the weather to clear so that they could attack the Americans (American Revolution, 2012). Finally, the British should never have left the harbor because that is where they were receiving their supplies (American Revolution, 2012). Moreover, the harbors were the only route the British could have used to escape in case of an attack.


The American Revolutionary War is considered the greatest war in the American history. According to history, the battle of Yorktown played a monumental role in the American history. This is because it marked the defeat of the British rule in American. Moreover, it marked the end of the American revolutionary war. Additionally, it was of immense significance because the harbors were strategically located. Secondly, the battle had a huge impact because it led to America attaining independence. This impact resulted in General Washington becoming the first president of America. It should be noted that it was because of the careful and strategic planning of the Americans that led to the defeat of the British. On the other hands, the British could be blamed because they brought this on themselves. The above is an analysis of the battle of Yorktown that brought America to the map. Therefore, for those who are considering conducting further studies on this topic they should consider analyzing strategies Americans were using to win.

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