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The Egyptian empire started as a simple unified kingdom in the year 3150BC by King Menes. This was the beginning of the rise of the Egyptian empire which was followed by a series of dynasties. The reign of King Menes was succeeded by Semitic Hykos (Andrea and Overfield 55). The New Kingdom began with the 18th dynasty facilitating the rise of Egypt to an international power. This empire expanded to cover the southern parts of Tombos. In the eastern side, the empire covers Levant. During this period, the most considerable pharaohs amongst Thutsome III, Hatshepsut and Nefertiti. The first most attested expression Memo theism.

In Egypt, the core of civilization moved through the north, south and the river Nile banks (Andrea and Overfield 65). In the initial stages, the Asians travelled into the deep valleys and finally decided to settle down. The result of their settling was followed by formation of small sub villages and communities. The group then submitted under pharaoh’s leadership. Pharaoh’s capital was in Memphis found on the lower section of Egypt. After a number of years, all the ancient house rulers became too weak to take full care of them. In response to that, a new family came up from Thebes to the southern part of the North. This distance covered a span of 350 miles in totality. In 2004, a strategy to conquer the entire world was launched by the Lower and upper portions of Egypt (Andrea and Overfield 115). The original launching was laid along the banks of river Nile. Tracing through towards the source of River Nile, they came to a point of conquering Ethiopia.

After this conquest, the empire dwellers crossed over to Sinai where they took a path to Syria. The natives advised many people to take mathematics as a discipline. The knowledge retrieved helped in the application cases of statistics. The empire allowed the Egyptians to exchange all the relevant Egyptian merchandise. These entailed all the goods that had been taken to their harbors from some other places. They have successful trading with the Greeks from Crete and all the Arabs from western parts of Asia. Spices are however got from the Indies who did import silk and gold from the China republic.

Another factor pertaining to Egypt Empire is captured in the human institution. In this case, all the institutions would be answerable to some specific business law. After a span of 400 years, the empire kings began feeling tired of the entire empire (Jerry and Ziegler 23). Instead of riding on camels, the rulers of the empire maintained their ground of staying within the organization despite the move towards the collapse. The main factor that led to the collapse of the Egyptian empire was the First World War. This war disrupted the entire unity that exists. In 1906, an incident related to Dins away made many Egyptians to withdraw from the group.

The reasons behind the rise were the need by the people to come up in a consolidated organization. Another reason as to why there was a mighty rise in the Egypt Empire was due to the drive to effectively utilize river Nile by the natives (Jerry and Ziegler 83). This river solely supplies water to the north eastern part of the African continent. The decline of the empire was equally brought about by the need to expand. Firstly, war influence affected the collapse of the empire. Secondly the European scramble and petition fostered more forces in bringing the empire to an end.

Nubian Empire

The Nubian civilization capital extends along the main river which supplies water to the country (river Nile). The Nubian empire closely compares to the Egyptian empire. This is based on the naming, cultural diversities and the sculptures used. A special name given to Nubian empire by the Egyptians is generally “Ta seti”. With the coming up of Islamic religion, all matters and programmers relating the empire had to stop.

Nubian was at one point an ancient Kush kingdom. The area covered by Nubian covers a vast land area extending from the large river Nile to the Aswan dam. Nubian is characterized by various pictures representing equipment of business. The natives are distinguished by their unique language and traditional practices. Nubian specifically is adorned with beautiful archeological scenes such as the 24 majestic churches, towers and tombs. These archeological sites were threatened by the water flowing from the dams. The Nubian museum is closely constructed to the dam in order to provide better habitats for them.

Essentially the Nubian has three major divisions Nubadia, Makuria and Alodia. These three divisions also make autonomous kingdoms beautifully fixed between five waterfalls. Amazingly these kingdoms became Christians in the 6th century and retained the faith till date when Egypt is recorded to have turned to Islamic religion. At this period Egypt had already been become Christians. It was observed that the three autonomous kingdoms were not always at peace with each other (Jerry and Ziegler 28). At some instances they merged however they maintained their unique name differences. However nomadic has been interfering with the tranquility of the area. The nomads were Muslims and so instead township is affected the societal identity. Remember the documents of the ancient times did not have records. The reasons why empires and kingdoms are successful are based on the foundational strategies the rulers laid. In addition, empires are normally characterized with well designed operation relating to inter relations.

The empire and kingdoms highlighted were so influential and successful. Some of the reasons for success are related to good decisions made in the entire empire. The leaders allowed for the spirit of civilization to rock the marked due to the urge to better their dealing methodologies. The decline was as a result of external forces emanating from the world war.

The first difference that can be realized between Egyptian empire and the Nubian empire is based on their causes of falls. In relation to this, the Egyptian empire collapsed as a result of the first word war. In the contrary, the Nubian empire collapsed as a result of attacks by the Islam in religion. Under a closer look, there is an architectural similarities based on the sculptor and architectural designs. Curved pharaoh’s design appears to Egypt Empire as well as be an area the Nubian empire.

Comparison between the rise and decline of Nubian is that the rise is brought about by the need by individuals. On the other hand, the decline is brought about through the Islamic religion. The main problem affecting Nubian empire over the control of its territory also lies in the religion.

The Roman Empire

The rise of the Roman Empire started with the glimpse of hope in the political arena. The empire rose to power due to the political influence of the emperors of the time. Octavian came into leadership in 43 BC while aged twenty years. The political leaders were known as consuls and the form of leadership was hereditary (Jerry and Ziegler 113). However, the subsequent dynasties were from different lineages since many leaders overthrew each other from leadership. The rise to power for the whole country demanded that the emperors use specific and tactful strategic planning.

The Western Roman Empire declined from power during the period subsequent to 395. Emperors were the figureheads although the military leaders posed as the rulers. The decline started and went on through various leaderships. In 475 the Orestes rebelled against the present emperor Julius Nepos with an intention to overthrow his government. The best thing emperor Nepos did was to run away to Dalmatia. Then afterwards the new imposed leader in the empire emperor Orestes appointed his son Romulus Augustus. In 476 the Germanic armed forces got angry at Orestes and killed him. Such a killing committed in cold blood was more severe than the coup organized by Orestes. The leader for the killings was Odoacer who rebelled and took leadership by force. He forcefully reigned in Italy as a king. He refused to b. By having to reign as a king brought an end to the western empire in Rome in 476.

Odoacer rushed to triumph over the remnant cities of Italy. He was nicknamed the conqueror and was honored in the whole of the roman senate. On the other hand the eastern empire was governed by Zeno. In 489, Zeno invited the Theodoric’s who he proposed to become the king of Italy. Theodore invaded Italy and overthrew y Odoacer. This made the Roman Empire become more German in nature and the roman modes of living were being eroded. The western empire lastly collapsed since many foreigners run its affairs. The eastern empire also fell at some point during the 5th century. The eastern empire also fell during the fall of Constantinople.

The Greek Empire

The rise of the Greece Empire came as a result of the increased fame among the neighboring countries. Athens, also referred to as Greece ended up developing many allies. The Greece Empire gathered its weapons and participated in the communal Peloponnesian war. Greece Empire rose to power due to its foreign involvement however the same activity brought about its great fall and decline. It is recorded that before the Peloponnesian war, Athens had conquered Greece. As a result the returns the Athenian nation got, they used it to improve the conditions in the country. At the Augustan age; the Romans became empowered to make very sturdy knowledge of public supremacy.

The fall of the great Greece Empire resulted from the same war with the Peloponnesians when Sparta had conflicts with Athens. The Athens lost lots of property due to the struggle to sustain the courage and eventually win. However Athens lost even his most treasured possession in the foreign investment. To account for her pain, Sparta invited her friends to help her out in punishing Athens and her counterparts. Initially, Athens had taken captive the Syracuse while in the Peloponnesian association. As a result Sparta developed methods to regain Syracuse and when it succeeded it crushed the nation of Greece hard.

Additionally, the Greece Empire collapsed when the tyrant of Athens was overthrown. Tyranny was experienced in Greece in the year 510BC. This is also referred to as the archaic period where people concentrated on ancient methods of preparing sculptures and weapons.

There arose challenges the and since they could not get intervention from the eastern empire. The eastern empire jeered them and never gave them sufficient respect by allowing most to their refugees to return home. More trouble developed as time For Orestes to serve in office elapsed. He was unable to keep his promises and in 476 disagreed with the Foederati. The Foederati from Germany mercenaries had assisted him rebel against Nepos.

The roman as well as the Greece Empire was successful in formation and expansion due to the people’s ability to intermingle freely. The people in both empires were able and willing to expand their knowledge and economic ability. The political leaders in the Roman Empire helped the people know the extent to which the nation had politically advanced. On the other hand the Greece Empire had some kind of structure that allowed people to be creative. The people were able to use artistic skills to enhance their intellectual and economic ability.

Leaders were very helpful in the development of the nation’s well being. The evidence of government support especially in the Roman Empire was in making the people understand and uphold tranquility. Although there were incidences of unrest the government tried hard to ensure that most of the people were not affected. Similarly, in the Greece Empire during the Spartan domination most people were shielded from the unrest.

The Greek empire was able to enlarge Hellenistic period from 323-146 BC. A larger part of the Athenian culture grew to unprecedented heights. The people were also equipped with power to reach to other places like the Middle East. This happened especially when the famous Alexander died and ended with the roman conquest. The Roman Empire also succeeds in equipping most of the citizens with power before the fall by conquering neighboring lands. However, after the great fall a new empire known as the Holy Roman Empire rose up. The leaders in this era encouraged people to get educated, involve themselves in trade as well as in politics of the day. As a result people were able to acquire high levels of civilization which was the best ever seen in the history of Italy. The Roman law developed in the new rise era, was used in the world at large. During the Augustan age; the Romans got empowered to make very sturdy science of civic governance. They also formulated new civil system and formalized methods of tax collection in the whole of Italy.

The empires and dynasties in the Roman Empire fell due to the greedy expectations the emperors had. The emperors expected to triumph over various towns, attain fame and become politically victorious. That is why the various emperors either killed each other or overthrew the previous government. At no time did there exist any emperor who came into power in the lawful manner. The emperors also had problems to sustain their hard earned governance. Some of them acquired the empire leadership by joining forces with foreign armed forces. Therefore once in power, he forgets or refuses o honor the promise to remember the foreign assistants. The conquered territories also were not easy to sustain since they continually looked for opportunities to liberate themselves. Therefore the war-effort applied between the rival territories and the Roman Empire was vast.

The decline observed in the Roman Empire was as a result of internal as weaknesses. Odoacer was defeated by Theodore who destroyed all that he had gathered and made him powerless. This shows an internal weaknesses that later brought out various external problems. Julius Caesar, who was a dictator, harnessed vast problems and hid them under his tough leadership. He became a known figure and was always feared by all people. This led to successive dictators and thus more internal problems among the citizens and senators. The result of the unworthy leadership styles is that the emperors became unproductive and most of them became unproductive.

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