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Child abuse has become a common thing in the recent society and this call for attention. It happens to children of all ages, communities, and socioeconomic levels at an alarmingly high rate.  What is so astonishing is that this happens even at the hands of their parents. These cases mostly go unpunished for several reasons which could include lack of regulations to do so, corruption and in most cases they are not reported. In Dave’s case for example, neighbors or even relatives could have been among the witnesses but they failed to report. Reasons being, they do not want to be involved, guilt of maybe reporting a relative, fear of retribution, not wanting to start trouble, home privacy among others.

According to Parsons for Dave to become resilient, he could have had a good relationship with his father or any other caring adult. He could also have been a good problem solver with a high IQ. Other things that could have helped Dave be so resilient and grow up not to be an abusive father, could be the fact that he was able to regulate his behavior and learn from experiences. In addition to that, he could have had a mentor to assist him in his endeavors like tackling his experiences and generally in carrying out his activities for example, decision making. His personality could also have contributed to this, having less risk factor and compensating experiences.

There are other protective factors that could have helped Dave. For example, he could have been a high self esteem and self-efficacy person, having a sociable behavior and maybe a strong faith that one day things will change for the better. Dave could have bonded with pro-social adults outside the family or belonged to groups or organizations which might have encouraged him to be a good father maybe by teachings given in their meetings or by generally emulating the behavior of other good fathers. He could also have attended effective schools where good morals were taught or he might have been favored by the socio-economic advantages (Pearson).

Attachment being the first relationship in a child’s life it will most definitely determine future relationships.Dave must have developed a disorganized attachment which according to recent researchers this attachment occurs in babies whose mothers are insensitive, intrusive or abusive which was the case with him. It did not affect him negatively because he grew up to be an independent adult whereby, these are adults who were securely attached to their caregiver or who understand why they were unsecurely attached, describe their childhood experiences objectively, relating both positive and negative aspects of the parents (Kail, 112). This helped him to recognize and respond to his baby’s needs, enabling him to break the cycle of abuse.

Whatever the quality or the number of times child abuse occurs, it always has a long time effect on the child’s life. Therefore, it is good to take drastic measures to reduce it if possible have it eliminated. People have to be educated on its effects and encouraged to report such cases. For those found guilty they should be charged with severe punishment to dissuade the behavior. Psychological help should also be given to those that require it for example the parents and children who might be faced with stress and depression.

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