Type: Literary Analysis
Pages: 2 | Words: 321
Reading Time: 2 Minutes

After fifty-two years, Nina’s and Tito’s rendezvous generates doubt as to whether Nina will seek retribution for the murder of her father and brother, or finally reconcile with the man who spared her life. Alessandro Baricco’s passage builds on mystery and suspense. On this point, it is important to note that his diction is most effective; its simplicity and clarity baffle and captivate the reader, as there is no real indication as to how the story will end. Furthermore, upon considering the way in which the author describes the way in which the hotel’s sign lit up, combining amplification and anaphora, it only naturally follows that the hotel will be important. Building on the hotel’s importance, it is also important to consider that the gradual illumination of the hotel’s sign hints that action rises up to a climatic point. In order to ascertain what the climax is it is necessary to go beyond the passage being considered here, of course, but the emphasis being made on the hotel’s name leads to the conclusion that something important will take place inside of it.

There is no question that this passage is important for the overall development of Baricco’s story. The passage keeps the reader interests, as it manages to hint what may occur towards the end of the story without giving it away (as after just a glimpse darkness ensues). The mystery and suspense initially mentioned are fortified by the tone that the author maintains throughout, which is primarily characterized by gravity and secrecy (as it appears that every word being emitted is carefully weighed beforehand). Finally, it is worth noting that throughout the passage, a menacing and mysterious motif is ever present. The reader is sure that something will happen, and even though it is not explicitly stated whether it will be a good or bad thing, it would appear that things will not end well (between the protagonists, Nina and Tito).

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