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Cyber Threats

Question One: Explain cyber threats, analysis, discovery, and solutions as they correlate to cyberspace as a war-fighting domain. Due to the growing usage of cyberspace as a platform for cyberwarfare, organizations increasingly become vulnerable to the threat of attacks. A threat refers to any harmful action that utilizes the opportunity, created by weaknesses in the […]

Classical and Modern Strategies of Motivation

Introduction Motivation is a key factor in the future success of any company since it not only stimulates personal development but also helps to get extra profits and credibility in the market. From an academic perspective, work motivation is “a key construct in organizational research, where much research has been dedicated to an understanding of […]

Motivational Methods

In modern management, motivational aspects are becoming increasingly important. Employee motivation is the primary mean of ensuring optimal use of resources, mobilization of available human resources. The main objective of the process of motivation is to stimulate the activities of employees of the company, to achieve the strategic challenges facing it. The peculiarity of personnel […]

Operations Management Initiatives

Running an organization requires proper channeling of resources and available input with a focus to achieve the speculated goals and objectives. The missions and vision of an organization cannot be realized unless the forces the available inputs are harmoniously correlated. The management of these inputs has to target the whole organization and not just a […]

Human Resource Management in Organisations

Highly effective organizations understand a clear interplay between linkages and principles in its human resource management (HRM) system. Linkages deal with interconnections or relationships among the diverse parts of a HRM system. Jørgensen et al (2009) state that an HRM system ensures support, alignment, and interplay towards the organizational goals under the guide of the […]

Responsibility for the Future

“The seven habits of highly effective peopleâ€, by Stephen Covey, offers a holistic approach to life. It has stuck a crucial chord with a perplexed manager who works in turbulent times. These habits are addressed not only to the managers, but also to the members of a family and as a spiritual, social sporting and […]

HRM Issues/Diversification Strategies

Trends in the steel industry over the past 50 years and changes in steel making technologies have brought a revolution to the global steel industry. In 1960’s steel industry used capital-intensive basic oxygen blast furnace technologies together with hearth furnace technologies to produce steel. The appearance of electric arc furnace technologies became a new start […]

Organizational Development Skills

Organizational development skills help an individual solve problems and realistically achieve their goals. These skills assist an individual not only in meeting their goals, but in learning new problems solving skills that can be useful in the future. In order to actualize my organizational development skills, I have decided to learn the following skills: extraversion […]

CVP Analysis

Components of Cost-Volume-Profit (CVP) Analysis CVP analysis shows how changes in a company’s sales volume affect its profits. There are five main components of CVP: unit selling price, level of activity, unit variable cost, total fixed cost, and the sales mix. These basic components of CVP analysis are interrelated based on various assumptions. The level […]

Managing Across Borders

Managing across borders for many companies is not usually a very easy task since the company has to move its operations across borders to other countries that have diverse cultural differences. The main reason as to why firms decide to operate in the international market is that the competitive advantage of the firm that often […]

Human Resource Management in Public Service

Human resource management is an important strategy of every company as well as for the leader and the workers of this company. The main dimensions of a management strategy are the strategic plan, leadership, the strategic goals and tactics. They are necessary for solving any problems, taking decisions and collaboration with other companies. Nowadays, a […]

Leadership in Private and Public Sectors

It has already become a widely rejected misconception that leaders are those whose singular job is to achieve results. While partially such statement might hold true, in most cases leaders perform a number of complementary no less important tasks, such as creating a mission, setting a strategy, and justifying the steps towards the aspired result. […]

Management and Leadership

Very often people associate leadership with work. They always want to be good leaders or be run by good leaders. At the present time, the subject of leadership is very urgent and provokes plenty of discussions. Everyone wants to be a leader in the family, at work, in the society, in the circle of friends, […]

What is Teamwork?

Teamwork is the key to successes. Though, people should not mix group and team as they are different social units. Team members collaborate on a regular basis whereas group members can meet once and never see each other after. The reason is that it takes time and thorough work to develop the team. During our […]

Leader-Follower Relations

According to Hersey and Blanchard (1995), situational leadership model requires effective leaders “to be able to adapt to their chosen styleâ€, in order to promote the readiness level of the followers through “the stage of developmentâ€, which helps them to build and increase their confidence and acquire skills for maximized performance (pp. 208-210). In this […]

Cell Phone Usage on Conflict Management

In the 20th century the most common way of the youth keeping in touch and communicating was through face-to-face interactions and a distant second option of using the landline telephones. However to most of the youth in the 21st century, the cell phone is irrefutably the – very close – second most common type of […]

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