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1) Description of Brand Offering

Our multi-featured “Projection TV” will give families and individuals new ways of enjoying home entertainment, with the ability to provide three-dimensional images at home.

With Projection TV, you can enjoy 3D movies at home or talk to friends and family overseas. Time poor and lonely people can experience a ‘real’ connection to beloved ones without having to leave the house.

It has the ability to synchronize with your phone, PC and tablet device. It is Internet accessible and able to record any type of entertainment due to its advanced technology and create 3D visuals for both Internet and entertainment purposes.  It also has revolutionary voice activation. Its going to take home entertainment to a whole new level.



-Easy installation, simple procedure of synchronizing with other personal devices     as well as recording programs

-Internet accessible

-Consumers can have an access to the consistent information and database through any electronic devices (Mole, PC and TV)

-Voice activated

– The option of charging TV by solar or electricity

– Quality of life

– An access to any types of entertainments at home instantly

– Get information of recommended channels based on the browse history via mobile

– Enjoy and share the entertainment at home with friends and family in real-time


– The 3D images of movies games and all internet content will provide intense engagement with the brand

2) Target Market

Target Market would be all technological and entertainment enthusiasts. We also target the consumers who strive to be socially aware and consumers who want something better in life – they would see owning the TV Projector as a reflection of their ‘status in society’.

We target families who are in the process of building a home and providing their children with all the latest technology they deserve and to improve the home. We hope that every home and family will want our new TV brand. Holistically, the key demographic will potentially be aged 25-65. Both male and female.

3) Parent Brand options

1 – Panasonic Australia

Panasonic Australia as a public entity of this society, which aims to inspire, delight and enhance their lives at home, at work and on the move. The company aims to ensure its electronic products are creative and a pleasure to use, environmentally friendly and backed up by quality service.


  1. Its stores are widely located all over Australia.
  2. Stable customer base and strong market penetration.
  3. The existing product range of VIErA Plasma, LCD, 3D, HD TVs.  
  4. Connection technology between iphone or Android mobile and Panasonic TVs.


  1. Too wide extent of product series (e.g. cameras, household, office et al).
  2. Not enough focus on the development of TVs.

2 – LG

LG aims to improve the life quality and lifestyle of its customers by offering intelligent features, intuitive functionality, and exceptional performance. It promises the satisfaction to all customers.


  1. Global Top 3 Electronics in 2010 and its strategy is fast innovation and growth.
  2. Its stores through all Australian states and areas, and the benchmark of LG Electronics Australia are concentrating on digital innovation.
  3. Intensive marketing campaign leads to the strong sales growth.
  4. The existing product ranges of 3D cinema TV and smart entertainment TV


  1. Short operation period in Australia, it has the insufficiency of customer loyalty.

3 – Sharp

Sharp is a global electronics brand who is trying to make products that other companies want to imitate. Sharp provides technologically developed electronics to customers.


  1. Long operation period in Australia of creating products to satisfy customer needs.
  2. World-wide leadership in technology innovations.
  3. Including both TV products and projector products.


  1. Unclear brand identification in Australian market.
  2. Narrow allocation of Sharp in Australia.
  3. Insufficient customer awareness.

4) Joint venture

In this industry, movie projection technology, there is a lot of need for joint venture in order to reduce the magnitude of the risk which could result in money-losing. Digital Projection International (the industry leader of projection technology) is a joint venture initiative. This undertaking has been considered in this movie projection technology in order to exercise control over this business and consequently share expenses, assets since this would be a very expensive venture involving large amount of funds.

5) Competing organisations                                

The potential competitor in this field is Google which intends to launch Google TV. However, the claimed that they were seeking to support the content industry by providing open platform for the next generation TV to evolve, the similar way Android is an open industry. The other competing organizations in this industry are Samsung and LG.

Idea 2 – Mobile application – Restaurant Guide

Why argue or be indecisive over where to dine out, when help is a click away

1)   Description of Brand Offering and Benefits

The idea is a user-friendly mobile application accessible through any smart phone, providing current information about restaurants with the purpose help ease the burden of deciding where to dine out. The application is comprehensive and lists all restaurants within Australia, conveniently divided into categories of cuisines and location. The application displays customers’ rating and photos of actual dining experiences. A full list of prices is also included.



-Portability, application can be used anytime and anywhere, when a user is indecisive on where to dine.

-Quality of life                     

-The popularity rating option helps users choose a restaurant that is highly recommended by others

-Simple, user-friendly application with photos, prices, reviews from users and credible sources provides reliable information.


– Local restaurant locating feature allows tracking down nearby restaurants in a matter of seconds.      

– Sorted into cuisines, making the choice of a restaurant more focused.

Forms of Delivery

– Readily accessible through a smart phone

– Easily downloadable through smart phone mobile market

2)   Target Market

Target market is 15-35 years old individuals, both male and female, who enjoy eating out and seek a positive dining experience, while saving time on deciding on where to dine. Initially, we will launch this brand nationwide.

3)   Parent Organization options

1 – Google (Google Play) – Android operating system

Google Play is a digital multimedia content service from Google, which includes an online store Android Applications (Application store run by Google). Content for purchase is available across all platforms devices. It serves as the Android Market for all Android Operating System mobile phones.

2 – Apple (Apple App Store) – Apple operating system

Apple Store is an application accessible through iPhones and iPads. Similar to Google Play, we will make our restaurant application available through Apple Store, leveraging the parental brand Apple.

3 – Microsoft (Windows Phone Marketplace)

Microsoft launches this service for wide range of Smartphone users to download high quality applications via its platform. Microsoft provides advanced technology for supporting the platform. However, the customer awareness is insufficient in Australian market and its has the lack of entertainment personality.

4)   Joint Venture or Alliance Partner

To bring forth our idea, we need to consider joint venture with Android operating system developed by Open Handset Alliance led by Google, as it is the only operating system platform supporting Google Play.  The brand equity of Google is renowned and Android is already collaboratively working with Google Play. Alliance partnership with smart phone manufacturers operating on Android Operating System is essential, if we are to effectively sell our brand to the consumers through Google Play. Smart phones operating on Android platform are currently manufactured by Samsung, Motorola, and HTC.

5)   Competing organizations

Direct competitors are other online mobile applications restaurant guides such as Yelp and Urban spoon.

Indirect competitors are Eatability, which is yet to release a mobile application for restaurant guide that is currently offered only through their homepage.

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