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The article has various lessons I will apply in making strategic decisions on a in the future. Dressing up like an organization is a term used to specify that an employee behaves like the organization that he/she is working for. Small business enterprises are a means of economic empowerment and perseverance is needed in order to start, run and sustain it. In order to ensure that a business succeeds, I have learnt  that important decisions which affect the business are made with consideration to the internal and external factors affecting the business. Therefore I should have a clear understanding of the factors affecting my business.

The management of a business also affects the success of a business. I have also learnt that a good management structure of a business should entail planning, leading, organizing and controlling. Each of these aspects of management is meant to ensure that a business achieves its goals and targets. And I will make sure I use them in making strategic decisions in future. A business organization should also strike relationships and partnerships with other organizations. This ensures that the organization is able to run smoothly and expand and still maintain its competitiveness in the market. This lesson is also a must apply when making strategic decisions in the future.   An organization must also define its values and beliefs so as to set up the right culture for its employees.

Another lesson that I have learnt that will apply is the knowledge that the quality of the products that an organization produces must be high so as to ensure that the customers get value for their money. In order to maintain and attract new customers, an organization must be able to produce attractive products. An organization must also ensure that they have an entrepreneur in its management. This ensures that the business develops and is able to counter forces in the market. Lastly, I have learnt that an organization must always keep in mind that its main objective is making profit. Therefore non profitable activities must be avoided as much as possible. This lesson combined with the others discussed above that I have learnt will help me a lot when making strategic decision in the future and I will surely apply most if not all of them.

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