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While organizing a fund-raising event, it is absolutely necessary to make sure it goes smoothly, so one has to consider many factors, such as where and when the event is going to take place, who is going to participate in it, what will be the visitors, what are the safety issues and plenty other details which might seem minor, but which can spoil everything if they are not taken into account. And, of course, the event itself must be interesting and entertaining, so that people are not disappointed and have a desire to visit future festivals.

This event is going to take place at our school and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, it will minimize the cost. Secondly, the school building is big and it has a banquet hall. Finally, it easier from the point of organization to use school as a setting, for most people are familiar with the building, so it is easier to plan the location, transportation, storage of necessary materials, etc. Next, it is essential to decide who is going to participate in the organization of the event. Here, this will be the students and volunteers. They will not only perform, but will also help arrange the schedule, spread the information, send out invitation and other things.

One important thing to consider is funds. Obviously, to organize any event, one has to have money, even if the event is non-profit. Here, sponsors would be a considerable help. We could also address local businesses to donate food and necessary equipment. On this stage, it is highly recommended to make a detailed plan of expenditures and to see whether we can balance the budget. Needless to say, no one wants to give away their money without being sure it will be spent for something good and meaningful. So, all the sponsors have to be clearly informed about the event and its purposes.

Needless to say, a good promotion campaign is the key to success. A good advertisement is necessary both to attract visitors and to recruit people for the job. There will be more volunteers if one tells them what exactly they will do on a daily basis, what role they will play, what is the possible career development and so on. After the event has been promoted and many people have been invited, the organizers should manage the expectations. This is particularly important if the company wants to continue the project further, because, obviously, if the festival is bad, no one will visit it or maybe any other events of this kind the next time.

It goes without saying that the goal of the festival is to raise money. However, this is not a simple charity, for people do not just donate money, but they get something in return. So, basically, at such festivals, people can buy something they like: entertainment, food, hand-made things, etc. The purpose of our event would be both to entertain people and to give them something useful. Organizing a simple concert where all talented people show how they can sing, dance or work tricks is quite interesting, but if the audience gets an opportunity do the same, there will definitely be a success. So, the best way to combine entertainment with use is to organize workshops. In general, the visitors will be invited to different master classes which will be given by talented volunteers. So, while inviting people to visit the event, we will explain them that they will pay small amount of money to learn how to paint, belly dance, sing and so on. Moreover, there will also be a banquet for everyone who comes.

A successful entertaining event is the one with pleasant atmosphere where everyone feels welcome. Really, fund-raising events are associated with kindness and compassion, so the atmosphere should be appropriate. The audience will be relaxed and friendly, people will communicate, discuss important issues, and maybe someone will come up with the ideas how the event could be improved. Still, the most important thing about good atmosphere is that if people like it, they will probably visit other events and might even encourage their friends to come with them. Obviously, the program of the festival is the primary thing which defines whether the atmosphere will be positive or not. However, such factors as the interior of the hall (decoration, furniture, lightening, temperature), catering, staging and equipment are no less appreciated.

Every fundraising event is successful if people visit it, and the number of visitors should be as high as possible. Obviously, to come to the event, people should first of all know about its existence. Moreover, they have to know it beforehand, so they can fit it into their plans. It is also recommended to make sure someone reminds them that the event is soon to take place, so the announcements have to be made regularly. There are many ways to provide information on the event. First of all, we can make nice colorful brochures with all the necessary information on the non-profit. Secondly, we can send articles about the festival to local newspapers or radio stations. Finally, nowadays there exist better ways to spread information and these are socializing networking sites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Not only is it effective, but is also free. There, one can have conversations with partners, volunteers, sponsors and potential visitors any time. The additional benefit of informing people would be the appearance of new volunteers or even sponsors who could help organize the event.

There is another aspect of fund-raising events organization which is extremely important and it is legal issues. One has to make sure that everything is legal and that there will be no damages, otherwise, the event might entail consequences contrary to the desired ones. Firstly, there have to be a contract between the non-profit company and the provider of the venue. The contract ought to include the description of the services, indemnification, limitations and others. Secondly, everyone should act according to their duties, so that any negligence or criminal behavior is excluded. There has to be a security. Finally, the organization should follow all necessary financial procedures — record incomes and expenditures, money storage, etc.

It is obvious that organizers of any event face numerous challenges at each step of the process. Here, the primary task is to make people interested in the event so that they visit it and want to donate money. Another challenge is to make sure that everything goes smoothly. To do so, one has to develop a meticulous plan. It is important to keep in mind that someone has control everything that happens after the event took place, for example, clean the venue, deal with the money, etc. So, the manager should delegate tasks to all those participating in the festival and make sure these tasks are completed properly.

As to organization issues, one of them is transportation. First of all, this is transportation of the equipment and food. There have to be a few trucks which will bring them to the school beforehand. Next, there will definitely be many visitors who do not know where exactly the site is situated, so they will be provided with the detailed maps. Moreover, it might happen so that some of the participants will have to be provided with housing which also has to be taken into account. Apart from that, one has to carefully think over the menu. First of all, the food should correspond to the budget. In addition, food preferences of every person should be considered. For instance, if everything contains meet, vegetarians might be offended. Moreover, one has to be careful with alcohol. Since it might be the basis of lawsuits, it is better to exclude it from the menu.

So, to manage a fundraising event properly, one has to make a careful plan of everything which has to be done at every stage of the preparation (advertisement, coordination, financing, security issues, transportation and more). Finally, enjoyable atmosphere will help create the experience the visitors will remember.

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