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The definition for top team exact formula is not specific and includes a wide range of characteristics. However, Thomas et al. (2012) note that most executives converge in opinion that a leading team ought to have a clear estate, should experience an adjustable mode of thinking, and needs to be ahead of the rest.

Establishing a clear charter and operating principles is quite important. No matter how strange it may seem, but all members of the team must have a clear understanding of what they are and why they exist as an order. A command usually consists of people with their strengths and weaknesses; therefore, if rules are set clear, a team will only benefit, as unnecessary tensions and frustrations can be prevented beforehand.

Once global teams enforced to manage unfamiliar circumstances, different cultures, varying traditions, challenging market behavior, agility should be a predominant quality among the leading team. The paper discusses in details the particular options of activity — as soon as those who are in charge for the company’s strategic direction, they need to execute a sufficient level of prudence.

A top team is obligated to precede; moreover, it is expected to change ahead of the curve. They only can lead the establishment and others into an uncertain future. Therefore, special attention should be paid to personnel content, information technologies tools, and educating a successor.

Considering the basic demands for an effective work of team, it was found out that in order to manage tensions within global company’s proceedings, the three essential qualities are necessary. It is emphasized that a real leadership team can consist only of right people with sound ambitions.

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