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The organization of choice to be used in this section is a private school located in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. The choice of the school is appropriate because it perfectly fits inn the situation of a commercial organization being a private school with shareholders whose main aim is to make profits through offering of quality services.

Back ground to the school. The name of the private school is GM. This private school was established in 1991 with an aim of offering educational services at the intermediate stage to students. The school has a both the teaching staff and the auxiliary staff. The school employees are paid from the school fees paid by the students. The student population has been growing steadily over the years. The government subsidises some of the amount meant to pay the school staff.

The Challenges the School Face

The challenges faced by organization in most cases are as result of some unaddressed areas of strategic quality management. It is advisable that an organization take measures to carry out a research to identify its weak areas so as to improve on them and offer better customer services (Almaraz 1994, 78). Carrying out such researches require good amount of funds as they are carried out by specialists whose fees are mostly high. It should be noted that such services are mostly very significant to the operations of an organization as the experts can help in suggestion and implementation of strategies which will be of benefit to an organization. With respect to GM school it has not been possible to carry out such a research and thus the school is not run at the full capacity for maximum productivity. The school is still developing has the challenge of capital and correct manpower who should lead it to make the correct changes. 

According to Abrignani, Gomes, Vilder & Roy (2000) resistance to change is one major obstacle which organizations face when implementing changes for the benefit of the customers. Some of the reasons which have been forwarded for this resistance to change have been cultural erosion. At times there are fears that changes may erode the cultural values of an organization or even the value of the people working for the organization. With reference to GM school suggestions for broadening studies through the inclusion of internet programs are likely to be resisted due to erosive power of the internet. The schools being located in an area where there is strong believe in the Islamic religion such erosion powers may not be easily be allowed to come in. Such technology which if used well will most likely improve the value of education service given to the students should be given a second thought. In such a case where there is a conflict of interest, it is advisable that a favorable compromise point is reached. Students should be encouraged to embrace the values of their religion as religion defines their life such that at the introduction of internet programs they can be used for education purpose. Such kind of approach to issues will actually help reduce the number of crisis related to changes in the course of implementing strategic quality management changes (Eisenbach, Watson & Pillai, 1999).

Best Practices Method for GM School

It should be noted that the GM school is still developing and as the best practice for the school is to set up a firm foundation for future expansion physical and more significantly in terms of legacy. To set a along lasting legacy the school will have to fully embrace all the values of strategic quality management. The school management will have to incorporate long term plans to attract a large student body. The management team should have a vision of future programs to be introduced to the school as time goes by. Being a small developing school there is a need for the school to send signals that there is a bright future in the school. Strategic quality management has to do with showing the stakeholder that there is a reason why they should hold on.

With reference to the above the GM schools needs to take measure and actively involve itself in the practice of strategic quality management. The school management may start by addressing the four basic elements of quality management as discussed in the literature review above. The school should start by ensuring that the current student body is empowered to the best of the ability of the school management. Being a learning institution the most significant way the school management can empower the student body is ensuring that they receive the services they came to purchase in the best way. This will call for a number of issues to be addressed starting with empowering the teaching staff to empowering the non teaching staff. Basically the school management should ensure that all those who put in their effort to make a contribution towards ensuring the school provides education services to the students should do so in an environment which is conducive. If the teachers are well empowered then it will mean that they will most likely the best to the students who are the school customers and thus the main goal of strategic quality management would have been achieved.  

Apart from empowering the employees, the school will have to invest in school facilities such as laboratories as these goes a long way to improve the improve the quality of education given to the students. The school should not by any chance use old learning aids as this will set a bad precedence for the school before the large community out there. It will actually be working against the efforts of setting up a legacy upon which the school should spring up.   


Strategic quality management is of great importance when properly implemented in commercial organizations. The process of implementing sound strategic quality management is long and tedious however it bears good results when properly implemented. In the above setting of GM school strategic quality management is likely to help the school management set a school legacy upon which the school will spring up.   

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