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What problems does Angela appear to have right now?

At the moment, Angela seems to be facing lots of work strain that is reflecting inadequately on her family in general and on her job in specific. She is in the midst of a vocational bustle, namely daily customer interaction and complaints, and staff issues, hence putting her at a continuous agitating state and making her lose some self-confidence that explicitly manifests with her relation with the new regional manager and with her family.

What problem solving strategies might Angela use to approach her problems?

First, Angela must learn how to be positive around all of this work pressure. A positive thinking mentality will certainly send positive vibes to everything around her and thus attracts some surprisingly constructive results. She should not over-commit herself to excessive workloads, but try to note down her priorities and avoid back-to-back scheduling. She might also approaches her problems through getting more acquainted with emotional intelligence, that is, realizing when she is stressed, developing the aptitude to tackle her issues with humor, and the ability to inspire, lead and connect with others in the workplace.

What are some conflict resolution strategies Angela could implement to resolve some of her issues?

Angela could implement the “Interest-Based Relational Approach”. This kind of variance resolution values personal disparities while aiding people avoid becoming extremely established in a permanent situation. With IBR, Angela will learn how to treat others calmly based on shared respect and especially when under pressure. She will also be able to separate her problems from the person, in her case, the new regional manager without damaging her working interactions. Furthermore, she should embrace the comments of her new manager well without any prejudgments and with utter self-esteem.

What assumptions is Angela making about her new supervisor?

Angela assumes that her new manager is trying to tell her how to do her job and that he has no respect for her. She is having difficulties in trying to get along with him.

What suggestions can you give Angela for managing her stress?

I would strongly recommend Angela to separate work issues from family, take a few moments each day to relax, and try to embrace her manager’s comments with an open heart because he too has great responsibilities and decisions to make. Angela should also start thinking positively and pro-actively, that is, taking the initiative and communicating her work worries more often with her manager. And most importantly, I advise her to effectively and efficiently schedule and prioritize her workload.

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