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The emergence of the first companies in the hotel industry is due to the ancient Rome. There were many officials and merchants in the vast Roman Empire, who often had to travel on business. To house them inns were built, located along the main roads in towns and villages. Thus, the first hotels appeared before the Common Era. Accommodation takes a central place in the range of services offered to tourists during the trip, and is an integral part of every tour. Accommodation facilities, which are defined as any object that regularly or occasionally provides a place for the night, are the basis of the tourism industry. The construction of new accommodation facilities significantly increases the attractiveness of tourist destinations, and increases the flow of tourists. The hotel industry as an economic activity includes the provision of accommodation and organization of short-stay habitation in hotels, campgrounds, motels, hostels and guesthouses. These activities include the services of restaurants.

Hotel enterprises are classified according to various criteria. These are the following:

  1. The level of comfort.
  2. Capacity.
  3. Functional significance.
  4. Location.
  5. The duration of work.
  6. The provision of food

I want to describe the hotel Mercure Sevilla Havana. This hotel is located in the old center of Havana, Cuba. The classic hotel was opened in 1908. It is located on the famous Avenue Prado, next to the Museum of Fine Arts. Luxury and friendly hotel is decorated in a colonial style. Elegant façade and cozy patio retained traces of Spanish and Arabic influence. From the ancient building, where some mysterious spirit of the past soars, the beautiful view of the old and modern Havana is opened.  The hotel is really imbued with the spirit of antiquity. However, everything works properly. The hotel has 178 rooms category Standard, restaurants of French and international cuisine with panoramic views, a pool bar, a lobby bar, and a bar on the 9th, panoramic, floor. In the hotel a children’s menu is available. There is also a sauna, massage, table tennis, solarium, gym, billiards, nightly shows and live music in the hotel. The hotel gives a laundry, store, doctor and car rental. Amenities in the room include a telephone, air conditioning, satellite TV, radio, mini-bar, safe and bathroom with shower. The room has two single beds and a wardrobe with lots of hangers, table, TV, and fridge. Food at the hotel is beyond praise. Breakfast includes sliced sausage, cheese, ham, pastries, yogurts, cereals, meat course, salads, a lot of fruit and vegetables – just the perfect choice. Coffee and juice is wonderful. However, there are also some drawbacks in hotel management of this hotel. For example, there is no bottled water in the room, not every one of the hotel staff speaks English. Take no notice of that the hotel staff is very friendly. Rooms are cleaned regularly. Towels are changed every day and bedclothes are changed three times a week. If a person is a fan of glamorous holiday with the perfect hotels, he/she will not like this hotel. However, if a person likes a wonderful architecture and local color, he/she will enjoy it as it sends the Cuban mood.

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