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Human resource management is an important strategy of every company as well as for the leader and the workers of this company. The main dimensions of a management strategy are the strategic plan, leadership, the strategic goals and tactics. They are necessary for solving any problems, taking decisions and collaboration with other companies. Nowadays, a management strategy is the essential part for the company’s forming and developing. Human resource management uses the notions of employment, recruitment, selection, and training. Human resource management consists of three cycles: planning, developing and acquisition.  

Planning is the choice of strategy and actions. Furthermore, the right planning is a good start for self-realization and self-perfection. Without doubt, the ability of an individual to plan is the central and important part of the management strategy.

Developing is the process of getting new skills and methods. It is the organization of human resources and organization’s workforce. The main aim of HRM strategy is to attract, select, train, educate, estimate and reward the employees. However, it is worth saying that employees, customers, clients, consumers are objectives of HRM.         Acquisition is the process of getting new knowledge and experience, and the possibility to put them in practice. These cycles have the direct and indirect relations to an effective human resource management. The direct relationships consist of the strict plan of actions with the certain strategy and defined methods. The indirect relationships consist of the spontaneous creative plan and strategy that can be changed in the process of work.

Talent, innovations, experiments, practice and endless possibilities are the main characteristics of Human Resource Management. Every person can develop oneself but the level of potentials and abilities are difficult to measure. This level varies from a person to person.

Human resource management strategy is an intention to fulfill one’s potential and to find it in other people. It is an intention to see people’s talent and something that differentiates one person from another. This is the human resource management that is the link between a labor market, our central cultural and ethical values. It is a wrong thought that HRM strategy is only important for business companies, organizations, and a labor market. HRM is essential for every personality that is hard-working and tries to develop his/her abilities and skills. Human recourse management has connection with management and is an integral part of it.

The main notions of human resource management are exceptional individuals (rare, creative individual, must be experienced), talent (for instance, creative writing and storytelling skills), innovative capacities (for example, driven, innovative, cutting and new ideas), endless possibilities (for example, effective time management, communication skills, creative projects, etc), imaginative people (for instance, experience of directing creative projects).

The private sector includes the organizations that are privately owned. It is not a part of government. Furthermore, in the private sector the human resources are developing more successfully. First of all private sector is more profitable and it shows interest to human resources that will develop, create and put in practice.

The public sector is governmental sector (federal, provincial, state, municipal). Besides, in the public sector human resource management is not so developed as in a private one.

Human resource management deals with the internal paradoxes. Paradox is an ambiguity and inconsistency of two or more positions that can provoke the conflicts and contradict each other. For example, the company is looking for a copywriter that should be experienced, educated and can perform the creative projects. It means that they are looking for the exceptional individual, talented and imaginative. When at last person is suit for all these characteristics comes, this company refuses him/her.

It is necessary to mention that there are a lot of people that are looking for a work. In this case we deal with the exceptional individuals, the people who will be the best, who will be different from all other candidates on this position. This example demonstrates that the employer has his own management strategy and he is the one who can decide whether the candidate is the talented and suitable for this work or not. One cannot know whether the employer is talented and knowledgeable person or not; however, only he decides to employ the person or not.

People have no much freedom at their works as in time free from work. Employees must come at home in time, perform their duties carefully, and be patient and hard-working. The paradox is that in order to earn money people should sacrifice their freedom and time.

The paradox of the situation is that division manager does not want to invest money in training. It is possible that Training Plan is a good and successful one. However, division manager wants that the invested money was returned very soon. It is impossible as training process is not profitable; it is only the step to earning money. There is nothing strange that division manager refused. To my mind it is necessary to wait and organize training in order to make the affair successfully that is why one should put in practice this Training Plan.

If I get feedback from the situation above that is approving of the Training Plan I would do the best in order to attract employees and to stimulate their desire to training. Training is not only getting the necessary skills but getting the resources and competences for certain work.

Strategic “resources” and “competencies” are the base of any organization or company that is why the employers are always looking for qualified workers. The main strategic “competency” is the effective teamwork, which stimulates to a good result and unites people with a common aim.

Employees should work on managing the teamwork, leadership, knowledge of organizational goals and strategies, respect to others and collaboration advantages the development of any company. The strategic “resources” focus on individual skills development, individual responsibility and achievements of the goals. When the person owns the necessary recourses and competence he/she will reach what he/she desires.

If I were a manager I would take care about my employees. I think that if their work is excellent, they deserve a good salary. To my mind a good salary is a wonderful stimulation to a good work. I am convinced that a salary should depend on the work the employees perform. Reclassification of employees is also a good stimulation to a good work. I think that I will do reclassification as the skills and knowledge of every employee is different. If I have an opportunity I would propose my own program. This program would define the quality of the employee and his/her salary. As a manager I would try to help people in any case. It would be my human recourse management strategy.

Without a doubt, my actions would have advantages and disadvantages. However, only special people that can act, find, work, cooperate, collaborate and explore will deserve a good salary. I am sure that every person has endless possibilities to do something and to benefit our society. The main thing is to develop constantly oneself, practice and create something new.

In conclusion, it is necessary to mention that human recourse management is an important activity for every organization as well as for the leader and the workers of this organization. The main dimensions of human recourse management strategy are the strategic plan, leadership, the strategic goals and tactics which are necessary for solving problems, taking decisions and collaboration with people. Nowadays, a management strategy is the essential part for any company’s or any person’s forming and developing. The choice of the right direction in any sphere is the main component of success.

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