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The management has proposed four new project ideas to improve the performance of the organization in the lieu of maintain health and recreation premiums paid by the company, as listed below:

Recreation and Wellness  Intranet

The project of “Recreation and Wellness Intranet†is a scheme to introduce a new wellness and recreational program to boost health and recreation of the employees of the organization. The objectives of the project are to allow employees to only make use company-sponsored recreational and health programs.

The project is to reduce the costs by 20 per cent as currently paid by the company for health and recreation of the employees. The company is to save $30 per employee per year over the period of four years accumulating to a total of $2.4 million. Other benefits include improved productivity of employees together with reduced levels of stress resulting in decreased turnover rates.

Based on an initial assessment against the upfront costs, the project reflects high potential. However, people will need to be persuaded to join the company sponsored programs.

Health Coverage Cost Business Model

The “Health Coverage Cost Business Model†project is to ascertain that the company only makes use the most cost effective program for covering the health care plans and recreational services offered to the employees. The program is to use intranet to track all prevalent services offered to the employees, their providers and alternative providers in the industry and the costs they charge so as to develop an effective mix of services to reduce existing costs.

The “Health Coverage Cost Business Model†project is aimed at reducing costs of the business. It is projected that in four years time, the project will save over $1.6 million in cost of health care and recreational services offered to employees. The program will be able to negotiate lower premiums with industry suppliers, allowing the organization to save a tremendous amount of savings whilst not compromising on quality services offered to employees.

The initial assessment of the project shows that the project is to cost close to $100,000 but it has a high potential in terms of cost savings and returns in the form of more productive and satisfied employees.

Cross-Selling System

The project of “Cross-Selling System†is proposed to improve customer service and increase sales. The project aims to increase cross selling undertaken by the employees of the company. The project is tied to the business strategy of increasing sales and improving customer service, whilst saving costs.

The project has financial benefits in the form of cost savings of $3 million spread over a period of three years. The system is less costly compared with the existing sales system.

The initial assessment against the cost of the project reflects a medium level potential of the project. The project is to cost $800,000 per year and is going to take 3 years to complete.

Web-Enhanced Communication System

The “Web-Enhanced Communication System†is an application to improve the delivery and distribution of the products and services of the organisation. The project relies solely on the web and focuses on improving and utilizing the internet resources and functions of the company.

The project is tied with the business strategy of improving web based functions of the organization. The reliance on the web for distribution and delivery are expected to bring about financial cost savings of $6 million while improving communication within the supply chain.

However, based on the initial assessment the project shows low potential against the initial investment of 600,000 per year in development over a period of 3 years.

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