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An organisation is an establishment which has collective goals, its checks its own its own accomplishments, and has a border line that differentiates it from the rest of the environment (Wood Thorogood, Pelin and Gschwandtner, Gerhard). It can also be described as a methodically set-up to meet a need or to meet a number of goals continually. All organizations have an administrative structure that ascertains the relationships between various roles and ranks, the responsibilities, and authority that every one posses in the organization. A business organization has all the above structural build-up and an additional goal of earning profits. It can be said to be a commercial or industrial venture. Organizations take many forms depending on various factors and their constituents also. They have a very large variety ranging from, what they offer, be it physical goods or even services. As technology and demand for customer care services increases many companies have opted not to just sell goods but instead offer customer care and solutions. This is also as a result of the fact that as technology broadens, many need to be helped out with it.

Microsoft Corporation

One such organization that is well renowned for excellent customer support over Usenet newsgroups and the World Wide Web is Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is one of the very large organisations in the world. It’s a multinational corporation that develops, make, authorize, and offers various products and services, especially those that are computer related. When Microsoft was established in 1975 it only used to sell BASIC interpreters. It has then risen to be much diversified. Led by their mission “to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential” Microsoft has gone ahead and given priority to satisfying its clientele, customer servicing has become the core of their business. Customer and Partner Experience (CPE) is a strategy that Microsoft uses to increase customer satisfaction and improve experiences with their products and services (: www.microsoft.com/us).

How Microsoft salesmen keep clients.

It is necessary to keep customers like life-long partners by being able to solve their problem, delivering more service than you promise them, making frequent service calls, taking responsibility for mistakes u make while working for the client(Wood Thorogood, Pelin and Gschwandtner, Gerhard).

Roles of a salesman at Microsoft

Information: a salesman needs to have the ability to identify the customer needs and interpret them, then also have the suitable packages at a suitable price in the right location

Persuasion: the salesman must convince the customer that the product being sold is the only one that meets their needs and that there is no other better alternative.

Creating and sustaining profitable relationships. It is the salesman’s duty at Microsoft to create long-term relationship between the organization and customers that can be translated into good sales in the long run.
Why the salesman role has changed at Microsoft.

A company like Microsoft does not just sell products that they have; if they did that, then it would be a one-time thing, thus its salesmen have to persuade individuals and other companies they are offering products (office or home products) they want or need.

So many firms are still emerging with very similar products and services like those from Microsoft; hence it needs to concentrate on solidifying its brand to avoid any future downfall.

How the salesman role has changed at Microsoft

Salesmen at Microsoft are on daily basis monitoring the prices and offers from competitors so as to ensure that they improve on their own services.

Salesmen nowadays have Customer Experience Improvement Program through which they interact with the clientele either in real-time and online interaction with their customers. They also do this during annual surveys when they feedback on their products (Wood Thorogood, Pelin and Gschwandtner, Gerhard).

Thus business has become attitudinal, meaning that organizations have moved from rigid selling to review selling. The salesperson is thus listening more than talking so that he can answer questions from customers. Shifting product to dealing with key accounts, integrating with the customer’s and being responsible for customer account management.


In 1990’s to Manage an effective and efficient sales operation was a huge challenge and still is. The technological advancements and the customer’s know-how have eased one part though dealing with stiff competition has kept the salesman on his toes. Once a salesman understands the customer needs it is easier to goals. When a buyer and supplier have an open atmosphere it allows them to understand the plans of the supplier and vise-versa (Wood Thorogood, Pelin and Gschwandtner, Gerhard). The salesman can hence be viewed as the core holder of the relationship between any organization and the clientele.

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