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The Organization entirely bases on the manufacture of reusable shopping bags in Philippines. The firm, Phillo Bags Company, is located on a 15 hectare piece of land which is partly used for warehousing. It is situated in a close proximity to the best infrastructural channel that aids easier distribution of finished products as well as assessment of raw materials.

Providing the assessment of the product under development, it is fair to include stages involved in the determination of the need itself. The stages include:

i) Confirming the issues and target audience. In this case, the issue postulates the gap in selling the shopping bags, as the target audience is mainly the Philippine population.

ii) Developing the planning team. In this case, a group of experts is formed to analyze the potential market as well as issue related to competition and pricing as a whole.

iii) Development of goals. The main goal is to manufacture quality and affordable reusable shopping bags for the Philippine population.

iv) Designing the product under development. In this stage, the main task involves establishing a fair draft for the materials needed in the production processes as well as the level of qualities of the products; so that low quality products are priced cheaply, while the high quality products are developed for specific market niche including the elite. This stage is subsequently followed by creating and maintaining a report stipulating the necessary product development procedures to be used in the course of manufacture (Human Dimensions.Gov, 2009).

Since population of the Philippine community lives under the poverty line, manufacturing quality products at high prices will not make profit. It is also fair to assume that due to low economic growth in Philippine, production of non-reusable product will not have any benefit. In that case, the product will be made of fair raw materials, so that the quality is not compromised. Pricing will be uniformed throughout the country to allow attainment of expected profit margins growth. The product will be made in different colors and sizes in order to meet the customers’ requirements (ASBTDC, 2011).

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