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Motivation of the employees is a very important aspect if an organization has to achieve its objectives. The essence of motivation is that it enables the staff to treat the organization in such a way that they feel as if they are working on their personal businesses. Thus, they do not tire and they undertake their responsibilities wholeheartedly for the benefit of the organization. Motivation of the staff is a key strategic decision. The management must take it upon themselves to maintain a very motivated and committed employees if the organization has to live up to its vision. The management must use certain methods and means of motivating its staff. The following are three ways of motivating the staff.

Monetary Motivation

While applying this sort of motivation, the organization has to ensure that it has a well remunerated staff in its fold. The salaries and wages should be fair meaning that it should be commensurate with the effort and the value that the employees add to the organization. Equally of importance is recognizing extemporary performance by staff and giving them cash rewards to encourage innovation and new ways of doing things in the work place. This prevents high staff turnover from the organization which adversely affects its operations.

Job and Physical Security

The management must employ people on permanent and pensionable basis for them to feel secure in their jobs so that they perform well with an aim of promotion and recognition. Physical security is feeling of safety in work places. This is achieved by coming up with an insurance scheme for employees in case of any liability they may incur when discharging their rightful duties.


This is achieved by organizing annual awards to recognize those who rendered extemporary services to the firm. This makes them feel appreciated and their efforts being recognized. This can be via giving them money rewards or even promoting them on such basis.

Strategy for Own Motivation

In the light of own motivation the strategy to use is to set daily goals that I intend to achieve by the end of the day. This will keep me on my toes and I will work hard to achieve success. I will also focus on climbing the career ladder and since this is dependent on efforts and excellent performance this becomes a source of further motivation.

Comparison and Contrast of Abraham Maslow’s and McClelland Theory of Motivation


Maslow identified five sources of motivation arising from the needs of people; these are the needs for: self-actualization, self-esteem, social needs, safety needs and physiological needs. McClelland theory also states that people derive their motivation out of the need for something and on this stage the two theories coincide as both are talking about being motivated by needs.


According to McClelland people have three levels of needs and derive their motivation from at least one of the three. This is the need for power, affiliation and achievement. But according to Maslow people are motivated by five needs which are arranged in an order of importance. These are listed below in their decreasing order of importance from bottom to top: self-actualization needs, self-esteem needs, social needs/need for belonging, safety/security needs and physiological needs.

Pros and Cons of Using Financial Incentives


Financial incentives are very vital aspects of motivation, because the employee is able to meet his/her financial objectives. Given the increased costs of living monetary rewards are likely to be highly welcomed by the employees. Monetary rewards will enable the employees to meet various types of the needs. For instance, considering Maslow’s theory, only money can satisfy the physiological needs and safety needs. Also all other forms of rewards and motivation such as recognition and promotion are all pegged on money because once promoted you are given a higher salary.


Monetary motivation has its fair share of disadvantages because there are certain sources of motivation that cannot be satisfied by money. For example, the need for power, affiliation, esteem needs and self-actualization cannot be compensated with money. It is also inappropriate for small firms that are faced with the problem of money and as such businesses may not be able to offer people high salaries and money for motivation.

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