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In this discussion, I’d like to present the organization that does not simply provide health care but also advocates one of expat communities. A cited in Bender and Harlan (2008), The National Alliance for Hispanics is the first health-care-oriented organization whose goal is to improve the physical and psychological condition of the members of the Hispanics in the USA. Founded in 1973 as the Coalition of Spanish Speaking Mental Health Organizations – an organization, that provided mental health support; it developed into the Alliance that involves a group of authoritative organizations. This organization works with over 15 millions of consumers all over the USA. Since the year it was established has been provided a lot of important philanthropic efforts have been provided.  The company cares of Hispanic youth and organizes leadership youth training, which are held in 15 US cities. Besides, it permanently supports the theatre project for teenagers. At the same time, it coordinates numerous symposiums on drug and alcohol abuse. The National Alliance established a project that had a goal to prevent child abuse (the co-called “Project Hope” or” Proyecto Esperanza”). The battle with cancer among the Hispanic community is one of the primary tasks of this healthcare organization. It includes the establishment of such programs as “Preventing Breast and Carnival Cancers among Hispanic Women” and the “Get Informed” project.  It produces the medical literature on different topics (“Caring for Your Heart”, “Prenatal Care: Helping You Have a Healthy Baby). The success of The National Alliance for Hispanics was reached due to the attitude to its members. The leaders of this organization realize that the well-being of the company depends on the prosperity of the Hispanic community. This organization keeps its high reputation by rejecting funds from the companies that advocates unhealthy way of living, such as alcohol or tobacco companies and uses donates on the securing of the Hispanic community well doing.

Organizational behavior studies the ways a person behaves in an organization. It plays one of the most important roles in organizational management. Organizational behavior considers the individual’s behavior from the point of his being in the organization. It analyzes the covert and overt employees’ behavior of and their reaction to certain influences. It also researches the particularity of group and team processes among the organization members. The goal of studying organizational behavior is to comprehend the behavior of employees, and improve the company’s prosperity by improving the friendly atmosphere among its collective.

According to Kinicki and Kreitner (2009), organizational culture is determined by the complex of values that are assumed by people who coexist at mutual territory. This means that each company has its inside “cultural” rules and every new-comer should adept them. The cultural organization behavior consists of 3 levels. The first one is artifacts and behavior. This level is associates with the physical disposition of the workplace and the demonstrated behavior of the employees. The second level of the organizational culture is based on values. Values are those views which affect the employers’ behavior. The last one level of the organizational culture structure is the assumptionsand beliefs. This level is the imperative one, as one the member of the company is sensitized to the assumptions and beliefs of the organization; he falls for the values and inner company behavior.

One of the most important roles in the study of organizational behavior’s evolution was played by the leading of the Hawthorne experiment. Initially, it was conceived as an experiment to define the connection between lighting quality and the quality of work. But this project had expanded into the other ones that showed that though such factors as brief rest periods during the working day, the working day decrease and bonus payments really effects the workers but if the inner atmosphere in the company is not comfortable, there won’t be a desirable result. In such a way one can confirm that the importance of the Hawthorne studies cannot be overestimated, as those studies had become the base for the study behavior organization.

But the person, who is upstream of the management, was Frederic Winslow Taylor, (1856- 1915). He to analyze employers’ behavior while working and made the first steps to mechanization instead of human’s labour. This made his innovations rather conflictive, but gave him a possibility to improve the producing quality and to make the workers labour easier. Taylor had a scientific lead-up to everything he did; he invited the industrial engineers to improve work conditions. Finally, he reached such results as quality control establishment and mass production. All these lead to problems in the collective, caused by dehumanization of work.  As one can see, the concentration on the “physical” part of management without taking into account its “ethical” part may give rise to ambiguous results.

One more research of the study of behavior organization was made by Max Weber. He observed the German leader Bismarck’s organizational innovations and invented some new elements of the new type of organization that got the name of bureaucracy. It was based on the next principles: the employers’ behavior must correspond to definite rules, the labour is specialized and the tasks are rationally allocated, the career is constituted be the membership and the qualification of workers is to be regularly tested. Burocracy is still widely used nowadays.

Taylor’s and Weber’s studies had prepared the ground for more detailed and effective Hawthorne study and for the further development of the study of organizational behavior.

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