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I think I am a democratic leader, I involve nursing students in decision-making, listen to their concerns and suggestions and avail myself to assist them whenever they need some assistance. My two examples are:

Example 1: reminded students that medication must be given on time (DeWitt , p 128).

Example 2: Made flexible schedule for nursing students to take breaks (DeWitt, p 128).

At the end of the clinic day, I got some feedback from nursing students in my group. The feedback was quite encouraging, they stated that they enjoyed the way I am enthusiastic about  helping them and my emphasis on a team approach in the course of work. Overall that made a conducive, productive work environment. I asked nursing students to double check on MARS, and confirm whether all medication and treatment were given on time, and asked the nursing students to make sure they documented all medication and treatment in medication and treatment charts.

I provided clear directions on how to do it and documented patients’ assessments thoroughly inclusive of all vital signs and neurological assessment once they registered for their respective duties at 3:00 P.M. At end of clinical day I checked all assessment charts made by the  nursing students in my group to confirm that accurate assessment and documentation was done. All nursing students had done a thorough assessment, except a few of them who did not meet my expectation due to omission of chart documentation. Consequently, I redirected them to revise their documentation and present to me a thorough and professional documentation without omissions.

I made rounds to maintain updates by checking on patients being attended by the  nursing students to ensure that they were being attended to as per expected standards. I checked medication MARS to confirm whether patients got all their medications and received treatment whenever  they needed attention. I supported nursing students by assisting them whenever they need my help and helping. Additionally, I provided them with relevant equipments in all cases they were required to have them.

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