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Free Example of Children and Divorce Essay


The topic of the research touches upon one of the main problems of the contemporary society. It includes the nature of divorces and their impact on the development of children. The research question is how divorces influence the development of children and their behavior.

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The working thesis of the research touches upon the explanation of the divorce’s influence on child’s development and includes a discussion of child’s problem in the moment of divorce. In general, the thesis of the research is the explanation of child’s behavioral patterns during parents’ divorce at different stages of divorce proceedings.

My personal intention is to provide the reader with a comprehensive approach toward research of the problem and its consequences. The paper focuses on the evaluation of the divorce’s impact on child’s development. In the perspective, it is necessary to focus research on the dependence of children on family welfare defining their behavioral patterns. In addition, one of the main perspectives is to give advice regarding one of the most sensitive topics of family life that changes lives of all its members.


The current topic is one of the most important in learning about consequences of decisions on family members. Those who had to face parents’ divorce understand the sensitivity of the topic as long as they realize all difficulties in the process of facing divorce at different stages. It is important to conduct research and perform a deep analysis of child’s behavioral changes as long as they go through the process of divorce together with their parents. In addition, it is a fact that children have to choose with whom they would like to stay as soon as the case proceeds to its finish line. Regardless of child’s age, divorces have a significant influence on their further development and their perception of the surrounding world. Consequently, this is the reason why it is important to conduct comprehensive research in order to devise the effective system of behavioral patterns of children facing divorce. In addition, it will help to understand what children face and to avoid mistakes, which ruin their perception of family and the surrounding world in general.

I raised the topic as long as my family’s close friends had to face divorce. They had two children whom they had to separate from each other as soon as they divorced. Thus, understanding of both parents’ and child’s behavior became two main prospects of the research aimed at explaining behavior of the family according to the situation.


The target audience of the paper includes the diversity of readers. First, it includes couples who will have to face divorce and announce their children news about separation. In addition, the younger generation can also be interested in investigating the topic. Thus, it may help to prevent couples from wrong decisions as long as they will be aware of causes and effects of various conflicts and misunderstandings in the process of reading the paper. The secondary audience of the paper includes peers and professors involved in the research of the problem. All sections of the audience have their point of view regarding the topic and may differ from my personal opinion. However, it makes the research question appropriate for further discussion and evaluation as long as every family has its values and traditions.


The research already has some findings, which define the further discussion of the topic. In fact, there are different points of view among critics regarding the topic. According to Demo and Acock (1988), “In particular, there are significant changes in family composition, parent - child interaction, discipline, and socioeconomic circumstances, as well as the emotional reactions that parents and children have to divorce”. Another author also contributed to the development of the related research, which outlined the peculiarities of child’s behavior and set the direction of current research. According to Pedro-Carrol (2011), “Another challenge for most parents is to focus on achieving parenting goals when the multiple changes in their lives that precede and follow divorce cause enormous stress – indeed, divorce is second only to death of a spouse as a major source of stress”. These two statements outlined peculiarities and sensitivity of the topic and set the direction of further research.

In order to complete the research, it is necessary to create polls and surveys for the local community, which will help to find out public opinion regarding the problem. Findings indicate that there are more similarities than differences in the behavioral patterns of children and their parents facing divorce. Surveys will help to put theoretical research into practice. In combination, it will provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the problem. Contemporary studies will also become the target of the research explaining behavioral patterns of both children and parents in the process of divorce.


In general, the main aim of the research is to proceed to the form of short manual, which can help a reader understand the nature of decisions and motives of parents. Moreover, it will explain consequences of decisions on child’s behavior and development in general. Surveys, polls and questionnaires involving the local community will help to understand experience of families who faced divorce. Finally, the research will explain the nature of family relations and child’s reaction to the separation of parents. It is a comprehensive research question, which involves different aspects of family life. Thus, the reader can find useful information in the paper and be aware of possible implications of divorce. The main aim of the research will be achieved as soon as readers learn how to avoid mistakes and take care of children’s health facing parents’ divorce. In general, the paper should become a guide preventing individuals from making mistakes.

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