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The current trend in the world of business is the general consideration of a number of emergent matters. Among these emergent issues, there is global leadership. Global leadership has been considered one of the most important trends presently as it determines how organizations are operated using a fusion of the most recent leadership styles, without neglecting the effectiveness of the leadership. It helps modify the leadership structures of the organization to manage catering for the unique features that every organization exhibits (Hofstede, Hofstede, & Minkov, 2010).

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The influence that international business has had on the way business is conducted in the United Arab Emirates is immense. Furthermore, the United Arab Emirates has also counter-influenced world businesses and foreign trade. The international important persons of business have become more interested in the business trends of the United Arab Emirates while the local businesses are becoming more concerned about their ability to influence trade on international platforms. This has had a major influence on how leadership has been tailored to meet international and local standards that can help make the businesses relevant both internationally and locally. In this case, this means that it will consider the benefits of having an organization function appropriately when the right leadership focuses on the important aspects of the firm. This type of leadership has to be globally oriented (Hofstede et al., 2010).

The aim of this study is to look into global leadership and the influence it has had on businesses both globally and locally. It basically tries to determine how fruitful global leadership is to Masdar. The study aims at determining the direction, which Masdar will take due to the influence of global leadership (Hofstede et al., 2010). It also looks at the direction businesses will follow in future due to the impact of global leadership.


It is of great importance to note the huge potential that lies in the international market. This research is conducted to explore opportunities that a bigger market portfolio comprise and ascertain assurances to investors that indeed, these opportunities can be explored. Many businesses including Masdar are striving to gain international presence in major hubs in different capitals. Similarly, other corporations and business franchises outside want to get to Masdar. In a bid to unlock the unprecedented potential that lies in the spirit of globalization, it is of utmost importance to implore to some key concepts that can make the journey towards new markets easier (Wanasika, 2009).

The major focus and attention is given to the leadership structures governing businesses. The top leaders who are playing key roles and are in the forefront to finding the right strategies that will break the burdens of poor penetration rates are of impeccable importance (Montgomery, 2008).

To effectively understand the qualities needed of managers and top team of leaders globally, it is insightful to notice that they should have up-to-date views for global trends to avoid lagging behind as the rest of the world progresses (Wanasika, 2009). Therefore, this research is meant to bring into light the fact that leaders should articulate their goals in different backgrounds. Then, they should sharpen their skills and improve their competencies from time to time as they incorporate them in different aspects of diversity in various positions on the globe. Successful global businesses operation is possible when the concept of global leadership is fully explored. As a relative course, global leaders should be bestowed with a wide mindset of globalization. From time to time, they should reinvent the existing strategies to keep apace with dramatic changes in the global arena and compete with their counterparts.

As such, this study will explore the existing frameworks in organizational policies of various businesses in Masdar and eventually challenge leaders to find the best strategies on how to enhance the rate of globalization (Montgomery, 2008). By establishing the trends in Masdar, leaders’ attention will be drown, and it will also inspire them and emphasize the ever recurrent need of managers to be key in finding new business destinations and spreading their tentacles. In the long run, market expansion will be of value due to increased volumes in dealerships.

Problem Statement

There is an impending low rate of penetration of brands from Masdar. At the same time, businesses from overseas have experienced obstacles pitching a tent in Masdar. Conservative business leaders have slowed down. Although some strategies have been put in place to address this kind of slow down, there is much that still needs to be done. It is also necessary to note that a number of organizational strategies are prevalent (Montgomery, 2008).

In addition, there is a tendency of the leaders to maintain the status quo in the business organizations based in Masdar (Lunenburg, 2011). This is a major challenge since the global leadership needs versatility in the key decisions and readiness to accept change. If the key management is not ready to change, then the entire business structure will for sure be reluctant in responding to these changes that globalization introduces.

Another key problem that generates a need for this study is the impact of the business size. This focuses on the way organizations of different sizes respond to different aspects of globalization. In Masdar, the business sizes and the impact of the global leadership on the different businesses that have different sizes are to be studied (Oppel, 2007). That means that among the challenges that such places as Masdar, size is the key one.

Other important issues that affect the growth of Masdar are the need to have senior executives who are well versed with both global and local situations and can offer solutions to business endeavors of the United Arab Emirates (Gitsham, 2012). This necessitates analyzing how achieving this affects global leadership since getting globally conversant and senior executives would help in the growth thereof. If societies and organization are to benefit from global leadership, the leadership has to be completely aware of international standards. To be able to offer real life solutions and possibilities on the impact of global leadership, it becomes necessary to understand the different examples of global leadership, which Masdar can adopt.

Another problem that needs to be examined in Masdar is the cultural impact on the business. The state on the ground indicates the impact of culture in the United Arab Emirates where the locals have certain aspects that are keenly observed. Notably, a number of these practices have a great parity in terms of the view of locals and foreigners on the same concept. Largely, being a Muslim country, it is expected that the practices would differ from those of other foreigners who practice other religion. In such a way, it is questionable what the impact of such cultures and the resulting culture shock to the global business persons is. Apparently, the culture affects the way the organization becomes a business leader and its opinions on certain business matters (Hofstede et al., 2010).

There is an ever increasing push and demand in Masdar that has provoked organizations’ executives’ desire for global leadership. The need to have concepts that cover a wide range of national and international concepts pushes these executives to seek for international employees who can organize multinationals to increase effective completion with international businesses. This is the call, which this research tries to respond to (DeMarco, Lesser, & O’Driscoll, 2007).

Generally, the main problem being studied in this research is how and why Masdar is to benefit from global leadership locally and internationally.

Main Objectives

The main objective of the research is to evaluate the current model of global leadership in Masdar and to provide strategies, which can help improve attractiveness of Masdar as a viable business destination, and to point out the benefits Masdar stands to gain from adopting the concept of global leadership

Specific Objectives

  • To increase insights to managers and leaders in how they can take advantage of the positioning of Masdar as a viable global business hub.
  • To challenge managers to take an interest in what their counterparts abroad are doing to conquer more business destinations globally.
  • To emphasize the need to adhere to global trends.
  • To develop a set of specific skills and competencies that leaders and managers need to have to enrich their experiences in order to enhance globalization.
  • To determine the difference in leadership locally and globally.

Research Design

In order to get the maximum from the study, the research will be done with a number of parameters in mind.

Geographical Area

The study will be done in four cities of the United Arab Emirates. The major cities of focus are to be Masdar, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai. The main cities of interest are mainly Dubai and Sharjah where a comparison will be made on the status of the two cities (Dekker, 2013). This will be done considering the fact that the Masdar is a city that is aspiring to be carbon free whereas the other cities are adversely affected by harsh climatic conditions. The study considers the impact of the green city on the global outlook, with a comparison of the situation to the other cities.

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Furthermore, of great importance is the number of organizations the study will focus on; they are four key organizations that will be selected objectively depending on their success resulting from embracing global leadership. Each organization will be situated in every respective city. To get the right organization, globally popular organization shall be chosen using their website reviews and posts about them in social media. Their success in terms of profit making and performance will also be used.

Sample Size and Sampling Method

The sample to be used will be composed of four executives of the four key organizations. The executives will be interviewed, with the main objective of learning how well versed they are with global issues that affect the business. Another reason why they will be interviewed is to get the level, to which they have engaged these global ideas in their organization (Oppel, 2007). The interview will help in identifying how well multinationals have been engaged in running of businesses in the United Arab Emirates.

Data Collection Method

In order to get information from multinationals involved in business in the United Arab Emirates, questionnaires will be administered to four employees of the organizations. Two of the four employees should be multinationals, and other two - locals. The main observations aimed to be made from the questionnaires are the impact of the introduction of the multinationals on local business (Oppel, 2007). It should also divulge information on the impact of local strategies on international and local business and the benefits thereof. The interviewed employees and executives should be able to provide a sample, from which the actual impact will also be determined.

Data Analysis

The collected data from the interview and questionnaire will be analyzed to get the outcome. In the case of the interview for the executives, the data collected will be rated depending on how well they are consistent with benefits obtained. Since the interview will be structured in a way to be objective, they can be rated depending on the information they give, whether they favor the global leadership or not. The questionnaires will be prepared, with specific questions touching on the preferred issues related to global leadership. The rating will be developed basing on questions that can indicate whether the global leadership has a positive impact or not. The percentage of employees who are for or against global leadership can then be determined, and the data thereof can indicate whether global leadership should be undertaken. To determine how global leadership will impact Masdar, objective questions will be provided in the questionnaire (Ling, Simsek, Lubatkin, & Veiga, 2008).


The overall timespan that will be taken for the study will comprise eight weeks. This will include time taken to gather the data, analyze it and introduce the relevant outcome of the study (Oppel, 2007). Through the eight weeks, the research process will be done in four stages. The first stage will take place in the first week and will involve identification of the right organizations, which are to be used as sample space. This will involve careful research for organizations, with the desired characteristics and following their posts on the internet. Upon identification and verification, the relevant interview questions and questionnaires will be developed in the second and the third week. Further, these questionnaires will be administered in the fourth and fifth week while the interviews run concurrently in the target organizations. The start of the sixth week will be used to ensure the accuracy of all the information and data collected before they are analyzed and compiled in the course of the sixth week and the seventh week. Finally, the outcome will be released during the eighth week.

This research will provide the results that can help identify the benefits of global leadership and the way they are attained in the Eco City of Masdar.

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