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The Parenting Playground Inc. is in need of an updated marketing plan and has commissioned the Flinders Enterprise Consulting 2015 at the Flinders University to complete the primary research. The primary research would assist the organization to introduce an updated marketing plan that includes strategies achieve organizational goals in the next five years.

The key goals of the marketing plan include:

  1. Outline of components such as market research, target market, budget, marketing goals, positioning, branding, competition and monitoring results;
  2. Inclusion of all aspects in the Southern Part of Australia;
  3. The achievement of objectives to retain existing customers, win more customers and sell new services.


The current report presents the preliminary findings of the primary research that was conducted by the Flinders Enterprise Consulting 2015 in response to the request made by the Parenting Playground Inc. to assist the company in introducing an updated marketing plan. Besides, the marketing plan evaluates the critical strategies in helping the business achieve its goals over the next five years.


The Parenting Playground Inc. requires an updated marketing plan. The need for the new strategy aims at the control of organization’s future business planning. Moreover, the organization will benefit from the ability to reflect on its current strategies along with the creation of new methods to target families in the area of operation with news from the market research group.

Literature Review

According to Westwood (2013), the marketing plan is a detailed manual that outlines the marketing efforts of an organization. Furthermore, there is a possibility for the marketing plan to function on two fronts that include strategy and tactics. In some organizations, strategic planning has one-year relevance, whereas others might look for a practical plan, which covers three or more years. Companies that are successful in their operations start with a detailed marketing plan. The strategy should have at least one-year coverage because markets evolve in terms of new customers and competitors. Developing a comprehensive plan requires time and effort; thus should take a couple of months with an effective study of the market’s forces (Luther 2001).

The marketing plan involves personnel in the organization and the sample group. The objectives of the marketing plan define the required feedback from the research groups, which is likely to influence the effectiveness of the plan. A large sample group offers rational input on the possibility of achieving the organization’s goal (Westwood 2013).

There is a relationship between the marketing plan and the vision statement of an organization. For instance, the business plan highlights what the company’s goals, strategies and long-term orientation (Westwood 2013). Consequently, the marketing plan includes more than marketing aspects, but also organizational strategies, including business’s location, strategic alliances and financing. The derived marketing plan bases on the company’s mission.

The marketing provides numerous benefits for an organization. For instance, it is a point that gives the business suggestions and presents a reason for failures. The business should be focused, and employees shall remain dedicated and committed to the company (Luther 2001). Secondly, it is a chart to success, and if the business does not plan for the future, failure is inevitable. Thirdly, the marketing plan is the company’s operational instructions. It is the company’s step-by-step road to success derived from the vision statement. As a result, the existing company should introduce a strategic marketing plan to assess its operations from the top to bottom and ascertain that all its mechanisms are working correctly. Lastly, the marketing plan is a top-level reflection of the capabilities of the organization in the marketing perspective (Westwood 2013).


Flinders Enterprise Consulting 2015 identified one primary research method that will assist the organization in achieving the purpose. The sample size should include twelve participants divided into three focus groups, whereby each focus group will consist of four members. The Parenting Playground Inc. is concerned with strategies to help the organization reach its goals over the next five years. As a result, the aim can be achieved by focusing on the opinions, attitudes and brainstorming results of the focus group. Moreover, the following outlines the rationale of each focus group.

The first focus group consists of the employees and the management of the organization, who discuss the importance of a marketing plan, diverse significant elements and how it will impact their operations. It is critical to include employees for they will offer insight into the current operations of the organization that will help come up with a realistic plan.

The second focus group consists of junior students that discuss diverse elements of the marketing plan and distinctive strategies that are critical to the future operation of the business. The last group considers local community representatives that share insight into the current effectiveness to the organization.


The single moderator for all three focus group is employed, which minimized the issue of bias in results. A protocol that consists of ten questions will be build to conduct the focus group. Some of the orientation questions include

  1. What are the goals of the comprehensive business plan?
  2. Why does a business require changes?
  3. What is the current market, its characteristics and the size of each market segment?
  4. What are the key factors that influence the operations of the organisation?
  5. How can the business promote its services?

Expected results of communication with focus groups

  • Components of comprehensive business plan

Market research, target market, budget, marketing goals, positioning, branding, competition and monitoring results.

  • The organization’s market and its size

Southern Part of Australia

  • Factors influencing the operation of the organization

Competition, funds and lack of enough personnel

  • Objectives of preparing a marketing plan

Retaining existing customers, winning more customers and selling new services

  • Business promotion of its services

Advertisement and word-of-mouth


A marketing plan is a very significant aspect of the survival of the business. A comprehensive marketing should consist of diverse aspect that will address all aspects of the business. Some of the issues include definition of target segments, marketing goals, budget and competition. Acknowledging the history and the operations of an organization will help in the development of a detailed and inclusive marketing plan. Focus groups with community members allow insight into the potential changes of the company’s operations. One of the motives of preparing a marketing plan includes the expansion of the operation of a business to reach more consumers and to retain its existing customers.


In conclusion, for a business to remain focused and outperform existing competition, it should have a comprehensive marketing plan. The plan is a blueprint for the operations, which will make employees more dedicated regarding the defined objectives of the business. For The Parenting Playground Inc. to realize its long-term goals, it should allow marketing plan to guide its operations.

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