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Since I was in grade 4, I happened to have classmate by the name Obrien whom no matter what we could not get along. She was so sarcastic of everything that I seemed to do. I literally could not wait for schools to close just to get far away from her intolerable behaviors, she was the know it girl who always behaved like the leader even though she had no idea of what was meant to be done or what was going on. Worse of all, we happened to be in the same group; wildlife club. I have never known though how worse this could get until last week when the patron of our club Mr. Jeffrey organized a hiking trip. The worst awaited me as I was searching for my name in the just released list; Obrien and I were to be partners in the hike the following day! Putting the two of us together felt like a test of my level of intolerance and endurance.

Both of us understood the animosity between the two of us as we looked into each other eyes as we were waiting for the whistle to set off. Hiking a total of five kilometers into the jungle and coming back meant no mean feat for me but I dragged myself to the starting point where Obrien was already at the starting mark. As the whistle went to begin our hike, it beckoned the start of woes for Obrien.

Because of the long distance of five kilometers to and fro, Mr. Jeffrey advised us to follow the main road and watch out for white dust that the hike leaders had put on the road as a guide and get back quickly before seven to avoid getting lost and be back before dusk sets. As expected, Obrien continued to throw a tantrum of insults to me whenever she was ahead, “hey silly girl, what else can you be good at? Neither are you good in class nor in extra co curricular? Where do you think you belong, in the museum?” The inner I told me to be calm although I could feel my blood burning with rage. Soon I was ahead of her and because she wanted to prove me wrong, she took a wrong turn which she thought was a short cut.

No sooner had Obrien left the main road than I heard a long loud cry from her direction. Despite the darkness that had engulfed the path she followed, I ran through it carefully to her direction and soon was with her. She lay down writhing in pain and her whole body trembling badly. She had cut herself badly from a sharp stone on the path and blood was oozing from her left foot like water from a tap. The forest was silent apart from her moans and the sound of fabric that I was tearing to fix the cut place, it was really terrifying.

I sat beside her dressing her wound and trying to administer first aid as we were thought in our first aid classes and the first aid kit that we were given before the start of hike. Meanwhile I comforted her telling her that she will be okay. She started regaining conscious and was taken by surprise to see me next to her, “Arely, is that really you?”, she asked shyly. I took my handkerchief and wiped tears that were flowing down her cheeks as she hugged me. Because it was getting late, I assisted her to get up so we could trace our way back to school. She leaned on my shoulders and we dragged ourselves back to the main road and then traced the road to school. Obrien then confessed of her hatred to me for no any apparent reason. She could not believe that the girl she most disliked openly in the whole of our school could one day in any circumstance be of any help to her.

We then realized how stupid we were for not sorting our differences earlier. This was to be a turning point for my eternal enemy and me as we became the best of pals and we were there for each other. The trip has always and will stick in my mind for several years to come. Obrien says that she will ever remember the savior nurse and her unexpected kindness which rescued her from the pangs of death as she jokingly says that she could have bled to death were it not for me. I also have ever been grateful for that hike that turned my worst enemy to my best friend.

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