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The child’s self esteem is vital for the healthy development of the child. A high self esteem is necessary for both satisfaction and happiness in adulthood. Low self esteem on the other hand is connected to anxiety, depression and maladjustment in schools (Pumcot, 2008). Adults who interact with children should therefore know how to help the child develop a positive sense of self esteem. The parent should therefore understand the parental principles required. There should be enough motivation throughout the child’s development (Pumcot, 2008). Children are naturally motivated to explore the world around them. Children develop confidence and a feeling of competence when they explore and master the world around them. This is usually regarded as the first stage in the development of self esteem.

Development of self esteem in young children is a gradual process and depends on their acceptance by the adults who are most important to them. Therefore the parent should ensure that the child feels loved and accepted (Pumcot, 2008). Children with low self esteem feel that they are not loved and accepted and that peers in their lives do not care much about them. Therefore the parent should ensure that the child feels safe and protected under the care of the parent.

The foundations of self esteem are laid early in life when children develop attachments with the adults who are responsible to them. Development of self esteem starts at an early age. A baby feel s loved and cared for when an adult responds to its cries and laughs. As young children continue to grow they develop a feeling of trust for other who provides the necessary things in their life. This does not mean that the parent should consider pampering the child with praises and flattery because some kids are smart enough to see through flattery and will dismiss an adult because this adult looks unbelievable (Pumcot, 2008). When children play and explore the world they need to feel safe and confident as they touch, feel things and taste things around them. If the child does not feel safe during this process they begin to feel ashamed and doubt their abilities. The parent also needs to help the child develop self control. The first step of initiating self control is to inform the child what is expected of his behavior. Peer acceptance on the other hand helps in a large way in building the child’s self esteem. The following factors help a child develop with a positive sense of well being.

Age: with age the child should learn how to exercise control, develop cognitively, learn language and how to express himself (Pumcot, 2008). With age the child also learns how to plan for the future. A child is known to be selfish and thinks that the world revolves around him or her. Therefore it is difficult for a child to wait for anything that he/she wants. It is therefore the parent ensures that the child gets support to develop patience.

There are many dimensions of self esteem. Parents should however give credit only where it is deserved. Therefore they should avoid using empty words which will only inflate the child’s ego. On the other hand children who are secure and able to make decisions by themselves hence developing a solid life footing for school going children.


The parent or guardian should advise the child how to manage weaknesses as well as respecting the child’s strengths. The parent should also help the child to develop goals and objectives and help the child link effort with success. It is also important to show interest in what achild is doing both at home and in school. This can be through talking about school subjects. The parent should also consider modeling positive attitude through encouraging good manners, safety, sharing, cooperation and kindness. Where the child is right it also pays to value the child’s opinion. There is also need to help the child to develop an internal self control.

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