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People got used to go to the theater for the sake of an entertainment, for the sake of a more or less interesting show. They do not see that those people who live and feel on the stage are similar to the audience; watching the actors’ play, they laugh at themselves and cry over themselves.

However, the theater must not be only entertaining. First of all, it must be deductive. There are original facts of life at the real theater. Could we endure such deep feelings at the theater as grief and pleasure, unless we saw that original grief and pleasure on the stage, which we did not manage to notice at ourselves at home, or in business life, or in everyday vanity? That is why the theater plays a great, serious and responsible role in people’s lives. The theater should never be only an entertainment. Does that mean that it should be exclusively deductive? No. The original life is also full of charm and utility. The theater should give us strong, vigorous and fine experiences; it should mirror our best wishes and dreams. Of course, we go to the theater not only to cry sincerely, but also to laugh sincerely, because in our life we very seldom laugh sincerely.

A real purpose of the theater should be education of people, increase of their spirituality, moral and positive outlook. It is inadmissible for the theater to be only an entertainment. It is, first of all, a spiritual food. The theater does not teach the bad, it invokes disgust for it.

The theater should bear only the truth. The theater influences greatly the people. The actions on the stage influence health, spirituality, outlook, behavior of the audience. The theater should be a moral criterion. The scene, causing artificially excessive compassion of people, increases it to other people surrounding them in real life. An artificial call of compassions educates people steadily and correctly, brings to charity, mutual aid.

All in all, the theatre should include both a deductive reasoning and an entertaining show. Only then this kind of art will still attract lots of spectators for many years.

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