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Communication is a process of convey information from one individual to the next or signaled exchanges among persons. It can also be defined as swapping of notion, judgments, through talking, inscribing or signaling. A process in which facts are fed to a recipient through a means. The recipient interprets message and gives the sender a response.  The sender, recipient need to have same shared aims.

Decision making can be defined as the rational procedure resulting to one action among many. It is meant to produce a final choice.

Decision styles

Information is not only processed by the structural means of an establishment but also by the persons who make up the corporation. It has been found out that difference in the way individuals get information and apply it as a basis for decisions making (Schroder, Driver, and Streufert, 1967; Kagan and Kogan, 1970). Researchers have also concluded disparity amid people in cognitive intricacy makes them differentially useful in decision-making situations. (Streufert and Streufert, 1978). Research on managerial abilities has show that cognitively intricate executives are exceptional planners, employ long-range strategy, and perform well.

Individuals are nowadays seen as information processors, especially top company officials (Haleblian and Finkelstein, 1993). Employees at all stages of an organization are offered chances so as to fit their information-processing capacities to the work situations requirements. Persons have varying information-processing potencies and flaws.

How Strategic Processing Styles and your Strategic Pattern affect your communications and decision-making at work

Strategic Processing Styles

Relational Innovators (RI) is very brain-storming, can be priceless when new ideas are needed. They can be very useful in new or organizations that are undergoing transformation. This is because they can identify problems and separate choice. They also do recognize others’ contribution and are very respecting. This would in a great way make them great communicators and since they are respecting, they would easily get a team moving. Relational Innovator has the ability to see dealings between conflicting circumstances and turn them into theories and systems which others can use (Validation of Organizational Engineering; Soltysik, 2000). They like to explore optional methods of doing things. They are bring change and are very supple and easily acclimatized.

Reactive Stimulator (RS) are characterized by prioritizing the job environment and in need of immediate results; they want variety and will solve problems by finding an easier way. They however need support for planning, completion and a sense of personal control and flexibility. They will also respond at less than full capability if given a set of rules.

Relative simulators can self-select goals, but benefits from assistance. They however need clear guidance though has a inclination to resist rules and directions. They do not like over supervision and appreciate comments on flexibility. They may need help in organizing tasks though they are quick fixers finds the easier way of doing things.

Strategic Patterns

Changer pattern is a blending of idealistic Relative Innovator and the fast acting Relative Simulator. This combination tends to leave out details, enjoy range relatively short concentration period and a liking for communication. This pattern is characterized affinity to come up with new ideas and immediately put them into use, thus they save on planning time though there is a high likelihood of failure. High failure rate however does not counteract the advantages of the strategy.

The Performer pattern is a blend of the action prone Relative Simulator and the systematic Logical Processor styles. These two support Both of these postures favor ranks that affect outward environment directly. These sound out issues in a direct manner and are more focused on short term objectives (Validation of Organizational Engineering, Soltysik, 2000). They can be identified with being task-specific and may observe arithmetical dealings. Performers are as bold as Stimulators plus structured as Processors. An organization can count on them act and pilot in line with administration’s plan mainly in a catastrophes.

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