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The change in the environment and climatic conditions may make the companies in the agribusiness sector adjust so as to enhance the sustainability of their businesses. As companies and farmers brace themselves for the future, it is vital that they adjust effectively in order to reduce the intensity of the current drought. Thus, super seeds may or may not safe the day. With the rise in the use of genetically modified foods, it is likely that companies can enhance the development of drought resistant crops that may make the future less bleak for the farmers. This is what scientists and genetic engineering are aiming to achieve.

Change in Companies

The role of genetically modified (GM) crop in global food supply continues to play a crucial role today. The company may change its policy because of urgency in the agricultural sector need with regard to drought. Over the past decade, the world has seen a rise in the use of genetically modified (GM) and the company may not be left behind if it is to benefit from genetic engineering. The genetically modified (GM) crop strains may drive the company to change. One of the major reasons as to why this will happen is because of significance that Americans and the world in general has attached to genetically modified (GM) crop strains. Genetic engineering has received heavy investment in research, and it means that more companies that intend to remains sustainable in business, both financially and strategically they will have to embrace genetic engineering. The benefits that emanate from genetically modified (GM) crop strains have led to the change in how businesses conduct themselves. Thus, genetic engineering is the key drive of companies that aim at achieving sustainability in business.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) entails the creation of a positive impact on consumers, the environment, communities, and the company’s stakeholders. The investment into the genetically modified (GM) crop strains is not as a result of CSR, but as a chance for the company to gain more profits in the future. The GM strain crops provide future potential, and it is logical that any company aligns itself for the future. Overall, the actions of companies such as Monsanto and BASF in creating new crops strains with the genetic makeup, is not a CSR approach, but an opportunity to create future opportunities. The hybrid line of corn created by the company is as a result of the need to remains sustainable in business and competitive.

Competition in business calls for innovation and companies is realigning with the opportunities that arise with the persisting drought in the region. Scientists have noted that the only silver bullet that the farmers have with regard to drought is the genetically modified crops. Thus, in as much as the companies may intend to create a positive impact on farmers, the overall effects of the new development is the need to create future opportunities. This is ultimately not an approach to corporate social responsibility, but an inclination to business sustainability.

Sustainability and Global Food Supply

Sustainability in agriculture anchors on the production of food while maintaining the required environmental standards and ethics. This is a stable supply of food for the whole economy using the available means of production and technology.  The sustainability method will focus on creating a well and balanced ecosystem that will support the new technological practices in the agribusiness.

It is vital to remember that the changing weather is beyond people’s means. Thus, future sustainability in agribusiness will have to adjust to environmental changes and companies must incorporate these environmental changes into the creation of GM crop strains. This will include the production of genetically modified (GM) crop strains that are drought resistant. If the new methods of creating the new genetically modified (GM) crop strains do not incorporate the changes, then global food supply chain will be less sustainable. Sustainability method ultimately calls for improved farming methods and increase in the use of drought tolerant crops that will improve food production. This is one of the principal ways through which to enhance sustainability.

In addition, global food supply will largely depend on the price of food in the market. Sustainability methods will apply if the companies and farmers increase the produce in the market. With the current corn yields falling by at least 16 percent coupled with rising prices, then global food supply will fall if the stakeholders in agribusiness and the research scientists fail to embrace sustainable agriculture. It is also of the essence to note that, sustainability methods in the production of these genetically modified (GM) crop strains, must answer the question as to how they will enable farmers to overcome the persistent drought. Overall, sustainability of global food supply will rely on the capability of the companies to show that genetic engineering can increase global food supply.


In conclusion, the benefits of genetic engineering cannot be understated. So far the seeds have created modest benefits, but the future is not out of the woods. The genetically modified (GM) crop strains may take more years to develop. Thus, relying on GM in order to offer solutions to the straining agricultural sector may create unforeseen dangers. This means that genetic engineering is not a silver bullet, and with the persistence of the drought, farmers may need more of the genetically modified (GM) crop strains. Thus, super seeds may save the day if the companies address sustainability in the agribusiness industry.

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