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Millions of women and girls live in countries where empirical researches on the extent of their exposure to violence are very small.Existing studies suggest that approximately from one quarter to one third of them are abused by men. There are physical, psychological and sexual types of violence against women and children.It should be noted that at the present moment recidivism violent crime rates are on their rise. What is more, the figures counted in 1990s show that such types of crime increased by 10% (Carter 21). The accidents of assaults, rapes and other batters grow in their numbers. For instance, there is a tendency that ex partners tend to apply violent force to their women partners. For instance, there is a proved argument that all over the world women’s chances to suffer physical attacks or even experience attempts to be killed have increased by 25%.Thus, it is clear that domestic violence recidivism is a burning issue posing a great threat to the civilized society in the 21st century.

The vast majority of offenders is men.Firstly, this is due to inequality between men and women in a society that has existed for many centuries.In spite of the existing traditional power structures in society, violence against women should be seen as an attempt to establish power and control at the individual level. The constant use of physical force not only creates an intolerable situation in a family, but it also is a direct threat to the health and lives of women.

Secondly, one of the well-known experts in the field of family conflicts, the therapist Hachich J. says that if a husband beats his wife for the first time, then he is guilty, if it happens for the second and third — it is the wife’s fault.This means that one should be aware that the use of violence is absolutely unacceptable.Women should be aware of this and even never imagine such a relationship.The main thing in this case is that this is clearly hard to recognize and prevent its recurrence. The main problem is that women fail to understand the absolute unacceptability of this treatment. Experts in science have worked out such a term as a “battered wife syndrome”. This syndrome occurs in women who refuse to take action to stop systematic beatings and who are in the constant aggression and depression. The main reason is in the perception of physical violence as a self-evident phenomenon which is repeated through generations.

Thirdly, one can often observe a situation in families where a spouse is an alcoholic, beating up his wife systematically.This person surely behaves violently and rudely being drunk. However, being sober, the same person promises to improve the situation. After another batter, a woman calls the police and makes an application, but after a couple of days, she cancels it.Such cases create an atmosphere of impunity and conditions for further beatings. Certainly, the involvement of other people can stop this endless cycle of beatings.However, at the same time, it should be a wife who stops these beatings by submitting an application.However, most women are too naive to believe that he “will change his attitude and behaviour” and “this will not happen again”.

So, what is domestic violence? It is habitual physical, verbal, moral, and economic abuse and coercion to intimidate and get power of some family members over others. Thus, domestic violence is not only the implied beatings and sexual abuse. There are also hidden forms: systematic abuse and humiliation, forced isolation from the outside world (a ban to go to work, school, to meet with friends and even family), economic oppression (hard limit of finance and detailed reporting requirement — often with the prohibition to make one’s own). Unfortunately, domestic violence exists in all social groups, as it is encountered regardless of income, education and social status. Therefore, the audience is extremely vast: anyone can become a victim and everyone should know about its conditions.

What is more, a child abuse is an especially big problem. Most parents abusing children often experienced a similar attitude (or neglect) on the part of their own parents in childhood. According to different authors, from 60 to 75% of abused children experience mental or personality disorders. Often, physical and sexual violence is a consequence of alcoholism and drug addiction of parents, and their personal characteristics such as low self-esteem, hostility to others and to society in general, anger, explosive character, immaturity, parental feelings and emotional “stupidity” (Aldarondo & Mederos 19). As often as not the victims of parental violence are toddlers up to 3 years, as well as children with mental and physical disabilities — since they might be the most “annoying” and simultaneously helpless creatures.

In conclusion, the involvement of legal liability could stop this beating, and in a case of relapse, it may lead to even more stringent measures of criminal responsibility. The contents in the temporary detention is similar to the places of detention and this measure allows an aggressor to assume what he can expect in the case of further confrontation and physical violence. An integral part of security is the family security.It is believed that the problem requires changes in legislation and in the structures of legal implementing, as well as in the public consciousness.Social work with victims of domestic violence should be based on the premise that domestic violence is a social phenomenon, characterized by the interconnectedness and interpenetration of its various forms (such as physical, sexual, economic violence, child and mental abuse, or being forced to consume alcohol, drugs for nonmedical purposes, prostitution and other criminal acts). Allocation of the domestic violence as an independent and significant social problem is only the first step towards its resolution.

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