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Many hospitals across the nation have implemented Electronic Health Record (EHR), the systems have assisted the hospital especially in information management. The medical staff with the assistance of EHR can easily access information about a certain patient and, thus, the medics can easily have a quick overview of the patient’s medical history. This will act as an enabling factor for hospitals to offer the patients the best care as they will be served faster and more efficiently as well as the doctor will be better armed with a patient’s medical history. There is a necessary number of programs which provide the various EHR.

MediTouch EHR

MediTouch EHRâ„¢ is a form of program that is used in the electronic management of health records, the program is web based as well as it comes with a touch screen user interface. The program is easy to use and some of the functionalities it offers to a medical facility include, listing problems, charting, management of medication, electronic prescription, management of orders, checking for allergies, management of documents as well as lab tests and other functionalities (Aalst, 78). The program can further be adjusted and customized with an aim of meeting the unique requirements of the user. The program can work as s standalone or it can be integrated to work with Health Fusion management system used for practice. The program has been certified by ONC-ATCB.

Since the program is entirely web based as well as being hosted by Health Fusion, there is no need for hospitals to install any software after the purchase but they will only be required to have an access to their system and using a computer with windows or apple operating system. Ipads can also use the system. The cost of the program is paid per provider to both HealthFusion and MediTouch HER, which is done monthly. Health Fusion employees offer any required support to the health facilities using the system.

Allscripts is considered to be the ambulatory care provider of the program. The software provided, which is referred to as Allscripts Professional, is a form of ambulatory care system that hospitals and other health facilities use. Health facilities use the program, which is an example of a software that is involved in the electronic health records. Some of the functionality of the software include medical billing, electronic prescribing, scheduling of patients in a medical facility (Reece, 376). A company can assist to customize the software to some extent so that the software appeals to more organizations. The software is essential to a medical practitioner as it helps in the provision of work flows.

Allscripts is more popular as it is a software that can be able to provide connectivity. The system has been able to integrate with over 50,000 pharmacies, especially, when it comes to electronic prescribing. The system is able to connect to more laboratories that other EHR programs out in the market. The system also provides a patient portal, allowing the patient to access their medical information, including their records, bills and appointments. The program has also been certified by ONC-ATCB. The company is in the process of acquiring the HIPAA certification. Allscripts software, so as to provide with solutions that are effective cost wise, has created a number of options for pricing, which among other things include licensing up front and a method of financing, where payment of the software is spread over some amount of time.

The software is made by Greenway Medical Technologies, which is a company that nowadays is one of the market leaders in the production of software involved in clinical research as well as ambulatory care. The software has a number of functionalities to a health facility, who are the main consumers of the software. The software is appropriate for a number of specialties, which are necessary for a facility, involved in provision of primary care. The solutions provided by the company are in most cases integrated with other networks, exchange of health information and linkage with practice associations that are independent (Shanholtzer, 79).

The software is certified by ONC-ATCB, therefore health facilities using the program can qualify for stimulus funds if the facilities are using the program. The software can be availed to the organizations as being hosted at the premise or can be hosted like a system that is on demand whereby Greenway hosts the system for its consumers.

Aprima 2011 is an advanced EHR that was created by Microsoft through its .Net platform. This is a sign that the software is more modern. The software is very modern in comparison to other softwares, which are old. Additionally to the software being modern, the system has a lot of functionalities, which are very modern. The program is certified by CCHIT, thus organizations that use the software can receive funding through ARRA. The system has a lot of functions and it permits seamless work and provision of work flows in a method that is familiar. The software is also involved in inner operability, this allows the system to be able to make communication with other health facilities and also other devices involved in the medical field. Due to the .Net the company is better able to communicate with other systems (Skolnik, 145). It is used by many health care facilities involved in primary care. The software can function with a health facility with limited functions to a huge facility. The software is not widely known but it is a great system.

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