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The main goal of this research paper is to analyze and evaluate the facet of ethical diversity present within the culture of the people within the United States, as a whole. It should be noted that the main focus will dwell upon the incentives of relation that the diversity has caused on my life altogether. In the subsequent section, the research paper expounds on the pattern of the United States demographics. In this section, the research paper goes on to deduce on the patterns of people taking into account the rapid growth of immigrants originating from different parts of the world. The projection will thus focus on the year 2050.

The research paper describes the challenges faced due to the rapidity of immigration and thus the diverse society, as a whole. In the last section, the research paper explains the stereotyping and prejudice sourced from the media as well as the citizens already living in the United States. It should be noted that the illustration deployed accounts on the ways that will both foster and enhance diversity while minimizing prejudice.

Diversity is term used to describe a significant dissimilarity in the way a people of a definite society or rather community live and interact with others. It is a feature within the society which cannot be overruled since people arise from different backgrounds, which include race, color, political background, as well as social backgrounds altogether. In America, the aspect of diversity is perceived to be triggered forth by the ever increasing number of immigrant’s originating from different parts of the globe.

It is fair to implicate that the United States of America continues to prosper on the basis of fair diversity existing from the different groups of citizens. The fact that American citizens are distinguished in terms of ethnicity, race and culture promotes inter-relationship between individuals living in the community, as a whole. Immigration, as an activity, dates back to the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries whereby a substantial amount of people were allowed to access American citizenship despite their original citizenry. In my opinion, I have gathered substantial information about diversity of America that has, in turn, helped me develop positively with others within the society. Firstly, through intensive research, I have come to comprehend that the United States of America was a continent which was seized from the natives Red Indians so that the nation was built altogether. Therefore, it means that, unlike other continents, America was not solely occupied and was ready to undergo a significant occupation transformation. It is stated that, since America was not occupied, it thus allowed communities from all parts of the world to inhabit it. Black Americans were originally brought to the US as slaves and gained citizenship status when the country gained its independence. The white race in America is believed to have originated from Europe while the Asiatic communities from Asia, as a whole. This fact, therefore, provides a fundamental platform, for which to conclude that aspect of diversity was present since time immemorial, and it will, thus, be illogical to claim that certain communities were the true inhabitants of America. It is arguably fair to state that the different cultures and race existing within the United States has been well embraced to the moment that it has become utterly illogical for a single race to claim original occupancy of the continent (Waters & Vang, 2006).

Secondly, I have come to the knowledge that America was established out of the basis of equality and freedom for all. In the course of the fight for independence, the entire race existing within the continent provided significant levels of assistance, so that each race or rather culture created controversial thinkers whose ambition was to liberate the country from its colonists. Each and every race that existed within the country possessed the desire to fight for the freedom of all. This substantial amount of information has, thus, helped my thinking and comprehension especially on matters pertaining to my relationship with others. I have also learnt that it is facets, such as liberty and love for the country, which are attributed to the peaceful coexistence of different cultures within America.

It is expected that, in the year 2050, the composition of the States constituting America will at least include a significant level of minority groups. For instance, in the State of South Carolina, the immigrants’ population is increasing rapidly to constitute the Asiatic communities. In Arkansas, Hispanics are believed to be forming a substantial amount of the population, as well as in States such as New Mexico, Hawaii and California. It is also believed that the demographics of the United States indicate a substantial growth of blacks, as well. According to research conducted (Frey, 2010), statistics indicated that States of California, New York and Florida constitutes a large number of the immigrant population. Therefore, it is wise to assume that by the year 2050 most of the States, whose locals initially despised the minority, will embark on accommodating them so that demographics equally match that of the other States. It should be noted that the decision to accept the immigrant will be derived out of the need to succeed economically. The technological advancements currently experienced in this contemporary is a clear indication that most of the American population will be informed about the need to integrate and will, thus, allow accommodation of all the diversified cultures existing across the globe.

Challenges of Diversity in the United States. Diversity in the United States has faced common challenges, which include the use of English as a prevalent language; the relationship created as a result of the establishment of different groups of immigrants in terms of welfare society, and lastly; the irrational policies put forth to oversee racial diversity aimed at ending racial inequality. The challenge pioneered to English as the most preferred language arises out of the fact that most of the immigrants are of either Asiatic, Hispanic or Asiatic communities who originate from non-English speaking countries. However, the constitution put forth by the America people clearly implicates English as the language to be used at all times (Waters & Vang, 2006).

The fact the immigrants originate from different societies poses the challenge of integration of their respective cultural diversities with those of the existing nationalities. The difference in culture, thus, brings forth elements of social injustices such as separation and legal discrimination, as a whole. The third challenge, policies of racial inequality is brought forth by the fundamental color of the skin, so that the immigrants of non-white think that they are superior to those of darker color altogether.

Benefits of Diversity in the United States. Diversity is an aspect which brings forth significant level of benefits, so that the host country, America, gets to enjoy a variety of errands. Firstly, there is the benefit attributed to economic success of the host country. It is stipulated that population is power and, therefore, when immigrants are finally allowed accommodation in a certain State, the level of trade in that area significantly increases, so that business thrives as a whole. This is because of the increased demand translated from the vast population altogether. It is also safe to indicate that the increased population provides labor services, which are a crucial capital input of businesses. Cheap labor translates to greater profits and, thus, the success of the economy as a whole.

Secondly, there is the benefit of cultural integration so that information is passed from one culture to another. This enriches levels of human integration and promotes cohesion amongst societies. This form of cohesion builds up to create substantive innovations and creativity altogether, which is needed in fields of technology and other production activities such as transportation sector (Waters & Vang, 2006).

Thirdly, there is the benefit attributed to the tourism sector so that the different cultures provide sites for domestic tourism. When immigrants settle on definite States, those States positively gain errands, especially that revenue activities are devolved from these individuals as a whole. For instance, California with its population constituting mostly of immigrants is considered as a domestic tourist’s center and has always collected substantial level of revenue.

It is safe to indicate that diversity can be promoted by allowing all residents, irrespective of whether they are immigrants or not, to participate actively in the creation of national resources that are through employment, participation in sports, freedom to own property and business, as well as form part of the leadership structures within the government. It is also fair to stipulate that pluralism can be enhanced by allowing integration of other cultures into the modest culture of the nationalities. This can be done through religion as well as in the educational centers.

Media and Diversity in the America. It is fair to stipulate that media has played a significant role in promoting diversity, as a whole. It has done this through airing of programs which encourages human interaction, as well as integration of a people irrespective of their cultural or rather racial background. Films, which promote cohesion and need for peace, have been aired all along to remind the nationalities of the aspect of freedom for all. Most media stations have ensured that employment composition constitutes people from all regions irrespective of race or color. Campaigns aimed at sensitizing Americans on the need to integrate are forms of efforts purported by the media stations, in the United States. During political campaigns, media stations have always remained liberal so that all nominated leaders seeking elective posts receive equal views altogether. For instance, during the 2008 elections all the media stations in the United States promoted candidates from both the Democratic, as well as the Republican camps, without any form of discrimination based on race (Frey, 2010).

In order to cut out on prejudice and stereotyping about diversification brought about as a result of immigration, it is noteworthy that Americans are exposed to forms of trainings, as well as campaigns aimed at enlightening them on the benefits of positively appreciating cultural diversification. It is also essential that curriculums, which promote pluralism, are introduced and taught to the school-going children. Religion should also be encouraged to include all people irrespective of their citizenry status. As an individual, I am expected to change my mindset, so that it perceives the issue of diversification not as a barricade to success but, in fact, as a bridge that fosters and promotes growth and development, as a whole.

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