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I managed to take the life expectancy test at MSN using the life expectancy calculator. The result for my life expectancy was 76 years. The test is able to put a number of factors into consideration these factors are

Family history: Here the test considered factors relating to the longevity and health of my family member with a particular bias on heart related diseases, cancer and diabetes.  The family history here establishes the genetic factors that may influence life expectancy. Genetic factors refer to those conditions that are inherited from parents. The test also establishes other health related predisposing factors such as blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. This again establishes risk factors that may have been influenced by ones lifestyle.

The test also established my lifestyle by determining my smoking and alcohol drinking habits.  Both alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking are predisposing factors that may influence ones likelihood to develop cancer and other related diseases. Heavy drinkers on the other hand have little time to carry out exercises and eat a proper diet. Smoking marijuana is also dangerous because it disorients people making it difficult to live a straight life. The test also checks on ones diet establishing the types of foods that the individual consumes.  Low fat foods are usually healthy because they reduce the risk of contracting heart related diseases such as heart attack. As the site explains a good diet can add a few life years. The test also takes into consideration ones exercising habits. Aerobic exercises ensure that one manages his weight and is able to avoid several lifestyle diseases. In addition the test considers risky behavior such as careless driving. Driving carelessly exposes one to accidents which could result in death of the victim.

My weight was a risk factor which has to be checked in order to increase my longevity. I can manage to reduce my weight through regular exercise and a proper diet. In this case regular exercise should be aerobic whereas diet involves abstaining from fatty foods, and eating a well balanced diet that incorporates fruits. My major strong hold is my personality which I will continue to groom. My grandmother is the oldest person I know. She is 95 years old. She has been able to achieve this age due to eating a proper diet and engaging in sports in her younger days. Despite having troubled vision, she looks healthy and is able to physically recognize people. Martin was the youngest person who died from a preventable lifestyle decision. Martin was involved in an accident due to reckless driving after excessive alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption is known to compromise a person’s vision. He could have taken a taxi or assign a sober driver the task of taking him home. He died soon after turning 18. From this sad situation I learned that alcohol consumption can result to untimely death.

Life expectancy describes the average life span of a person ( Merkalipa, 2003). The life expectancy life varies depending with the geographical region. In the United States factors affecting life expectancy include, heart related diseases, genetic factors, smoking and drinking habits. One can be able to reduce these risk factors by living a healthy life style. This can be done through eating a proper diet, avoiding risky behavior, and regular exercises (Merkalipa, 2003).


The life expectancy calculator enables one estimate his/her life expectancy. From the data and results obtained one can regulate the factors that reduce the life expectancy. It is recommended that one obtains additional advice from health care givers who will offer professional advice on how to regulate these factors.

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