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Global warming is rising of the temperature in the earth that leads to heating up (Silver 2008). This is brought about by green house gases such as vapor from water and carbon four dioxide which causes depletion of the ozone layer resulting to direct sunlight on the earth (Smith & Shearman 2008). This as a result exposes creatures and plants to a great danger to an extent of some succumbing (Silver 2008).

The effects of global warming to the environment are many. It has an impact on the sea making it to rise and this leads to small islands around it getting flooded. This brings about untold suffering on living creatures on the island such as man and plants. Because the plants are covered and cannot breath, they eventually succumb (Agarwal 2008). When they succumb, other creatures lack food and place to stay. In most cases, when such thing happens, animals may be in a position to cope up compared to plants but they may also succumb with time (Silver 2008). As the suffering continues, man is equally threatened as the food industry in this case, plants and animals are dead. He may also end up losing out on habitat if the worst continues to happen (Agarwal 2008). The end result is that man is forced to move out or risk dying too. This can be termed to as breaking of the food chain brought about by one thing triggering the other to happen and the trend continues (Silver 2008).

Another effect of global warming to the environment is on the ocean. Ocean is one of the worst hit places by global warming. To begin with, it causes the temperature of water to rise up in the ocean. When this happens, the algae are threatened to an extent of being killed (Silver 2008). Algae are a major source of food in the ocean and so its death brings untold suffering to animals and plants which depend on them for food (Agarwal 2008). Many consumers of algae like fish stand a risk of dying due to hunger. When this continues the algae reduces and this poses a danger of little food to man, and sea animals (Silver 2008).

Apart from algae being damaged, big forests are not spared either. The green house gases leads to formation of acidic rain which causes damage to plants, houses and many other things (Agarwal 2008). If the temperatures continues rising, it can result to fire break out in such places like forest killing animals and their habitats. Due to this, some animals may even run from the forest and invade places where human beings are staying. This as a result may lead to human being displaced to other areas. This again is an interruption to food chain (Agarwal 2008).

Just how does global warming cause increase in rainfall? When temperature goes up, the hydrological cycle is impacted. This is due to the fact that, rising of temperatures leads to shooting up of evaporation and the vapor n the ozone becomes too much (Smith & Shearman 2008). To add on that, if the ozone is warm, it will tend to withhold more water. When this happens, precipitation becomes heavy which can result to floods, collapsing of houses, destruction of crops and land collapsing (Smith & Shearman 2008).

Inn order for scientists to know the temperatures globally, they take temperatures across the world and use the figures to determine the temperature globally. Experts deduce that between 1997 and 2008, temperatures were on the rise (Houghton 2004). In order to determine the temperatures globally, experts consider a long period like a period of ten years. In order to tell the temperature are rising due to global warming, experts look at such places like, the seas, melting of the ice among others (Houghton 2004).

Just how can people help reduce global warming? Individuals across the world are doing a lot to reduce global warming. One thing is that, many people are sharing a facility like a car to minimize the level of green house gases in the ozone (Houghton 2004). Another move that most people have adopted is avoiding leaving facilities like radios and televisions while working. This is mostly done by people spending their time in other places other than spending that time on such things like computers (Houghton 2004). More than ever witnessed, some are opting to use public means to go places instead of driving their personal cars. Still, some people are using environmental friendly means of transport such as bicycles and this has helped in reducing green house gases (Smith & Shearman 2008). In some countries, planting of trees have been given a priority alongside recycling waste products to help reduce global warming. When recycling is put into practice a lot of waste becomes useful instead of it being burned which eventually reduces gases in the environment (Smith & Shearman 2008).

Still on reducing global warming, individuals are very careful with perfumes and sprays. When these are put under control, the level of global warming in their atmosphere drastically goes down (Houghton 2004).

Individuals are also advised to ensure their water gadgets for heating water are at low degrees as much as possible. This way, the level of carbon emitted in the atmosphere is reduced (Houghton 2004).  

Another environment friendly ay of reducing global warming is through planting as many trees as possible (Houghton 2004). This is because when they are in the process of making food, they tend to use the carbon dioxide thus reducing its level in the atmosphere. Studies indicate that, a single tree can take in as much as one tone of this harmful gas thus saving the world a great deal (Houghton 2004).

Another way of reducing global warming is sensitizing people on how to recycle and conserve energy and come up with systems of reducing the same which are environmental friendly. The above and so many others can help reduce global warming drastically (Berne 2007).

Apart from people helping in reducing global warming the authority is also helping just as much (Berne 2007). Laws have been made to put global warming under control. Because global warming is bringing so many illnesses which can even lead to death, the law has helped to check on this (Berne 2007). This law has been used on some companies to convince them to change their products and come up with products which will help reduce global warming (Berne 2007). The same law is warning some companies against putting some harmful chemicals in their products. Following this, most companies are ensuring that their products are warning on the dangers they can cause to the atmosphere (Berne 2007).

Still on reducing global warming, some companies have started manufacturing motor vehicles with some special gadgets inside which reduce the amount of gases they emit to the atmosphere (Berne 2007). These gadgets have helped in burning the fuel completely reducing the smoke which is very harmful (Agarwal 2008). This has helped in reducing chances of forming smog which has an impact on the visibility. The worst hit place is California where one can see smog almost in every place.

Just how can people reuse and recycle to reduce global warming? Experts advise that, all people can help reuse and recycle by making use of commodities which can be used again instead of disposing them (Agarwal 2008). In the same breath, people can make it a habit to buy products which are not heavily packed to reduce the level of waste (Agarwal 2008). They also urge people to try and recycle such things as plastics, papers, bottles among others. If this is done, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will drastically go down. Another advice is trying to insulate such things as doors and windows thus reducing the level of heats. One should keep temperatures al low as possible every time (Agarwal 2008).

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