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This is undoubtedly one of Wright’s greatest designs especially due to its sloping back effects. The Guggenheim design is complex and ironically so simple it was as if Wright had brought a little slice of nature to a corner of New York City.

Though I haven’t had a chance to visit the New York I have been having particular interest in this piece of architecture since it had made an impression on me especially considering its age. This museum would comfortably take a place as my best piece of architecture.

The interior spiraling ramp provides a dramatic setting for art, this clearly portrayed his creative and innovative mind by trying to merge his feelings within the space of the gallery exhibition and the technology involved. The gallery space was designed with spiral ramp which gives an artistic touch.  The wings within the gallery fly into one another, setting a perfect marvel of a mood in a display gallery.

Every aspect on the building is a complete indulgence with the mysteries of, giving a unique feeling that art could possibly afford to its lovers. On the central spirals is a skylight glass that offers a great view of the sky, this offers natural light that to the room that blends in with the dimly lit ramps; illuminating the gallery with an artistic glow.

However the ramp’s suitability on exhibition space seems not a very suitable choice. This is ideally due to the heavy shadows casted by the walkway within; hanging a painting with in a shallow windowless exhibition niches that surround the central spiral leaves the art to be largely lit by the artificial light.

With its main intention of being an art Gallery, its concave niche design relegates the display of the sculpture to the supporting blocks amid the spiral walkway itself. This is due to limited space left within these niches. Later defects on the design shows that he did not consider the environmental effects over its life time. Such as temperature changes leading to the cracks.

Asserting on Wrights believes on the space within a building and out as well, however the design fails terribly. The building interrupts the life of the city, especially those that are pedestrians thus interrupting the life with in city as there is no space left for the visitors who view building as an art scene. He failed to acknowledge the nature of the city as a busy city. This however wouldn’t be fair as at that time the space requirement within the city was unprecedented.

Amid all the criticism people have different perspective towards it but I however agree that this piece of art stands out as an inspiration and from the interior design the feeling it give is a venturous one; close to the experience of a natural landscape.

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