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Candles are an important part of decor. People grow up seeing colored candles around them as adornment and the lighting when electricity goes out. Candles can not only be purchased but in fact, making beautiful candles is a lot easier than many people think. There is nothing like candles to create light and warmth in an apartment – and nothing like the pleasure of recognizing that you produced it yourself (Fisher, n.d.). This paper is meant to describe the process of creating nice scented and colored candles.

It is simple to start making own candles. With the help of few simple components, basic tools and equipment, you might have new candles in several hours (Fisher, n.d.). Though there are lots of sorts of candles, the fundamental requirements for a mere candle making setup are the same. Photo 1 demonstrates the basic required components for a making a unique candle:

• vintage tea cups;

• wooden kabob skewer sticks;

• eco-friendly wax flakes;

• scotch tape and scissors;

• stove, double boiler and the bowl;

• oven mittens and trivet (Heygorg.com, 2011).

So, to begin with, it is important to create wooden wick supports to lay over the top of cups. Two sticks should be carefully taped together at the end. The wax wick has to sit among two sticks. After that, the opposite ends of sticks may be taped together. It should be mentioned that you can use the usual clothespins (Heygorg.com, 2011). However, wooden skewer sticks are more reliable. Place a wick in the center of a cup so the metal foot around wick is flush on the bottom of a cup (Photo 2).

Fill the boiler with water and put over medium or high stove heat. It is crucial to melt wax to create a candle. Place the bowl into water and pour in the wax flakes. When the water and bowl start to heat up wax flakes will melt till becoming opaque/clear (Heygorg.com, 2011). It is highly recommended to utilize two wooden skewers to stir flakes particularly after adding in the scent and dye for candles (Photo 3).

Wearing the oven mittens, take a bowl out of hot water (when the wax has totally melted) and wipe off hot water on the outside of a bowl. It is necessary to have the trivet prepared beside the cups to carefully pour wax into teacups, avoiding wooden skewers overlaying the tops. It is helpful to utilize one hand to hold the skewers in place. The cups have to be filled till one quarter of inch of cup is still seen (Heygorg.com, 2011). The bowl should be either cleaned immediately to avoid candle wax drying or put back in the hot water to melt more flakes (Photo 4).

Now it is time to wait a little bit. It will take a few hours before it is possible to try to trim the wicks or light new candles. When the candle wax looks smooth, unclear, and is hard to the touch, this means it is dry. Using sharp scissors, the wick has to be cut right at the skewer clamp (Heygorg.com, 2011). Then it is important to take all skewers away from a wick (Photo 5). So, the work is done and you can now try to light these beautiful vintage teacup candles (Photo 6). Generally speaking, candles are simple to create, but with some attention to the components and a lot of testing it becomes easy to make very beautiful and really exceptional candles (Fisher, n.d.). 

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