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The Microsoft products include both hardware and software. Microsoft hardware include: mobile devices, and all computers hardware. The software products also range from all windows mobile software to personal computers software. My major key areas of interest in their products is the development software, windows mobile phones (software and hardware), and home and education software.

The information about development tools is valuable to me since they enhances one’s ability to expand the knowledge in software development for instance visual studio, a programming software allows individuals to create individual programs which are of great importance in both the personal aspect of life and professional one. Development of windows mobile is a great impact of Microsoft to the technological world since these phones are used for the same purposes as personal computers. It incorporates the telephony aspect with the computing one. The information on home and education software appears to be valuable since in today’s computing word software like Microsoft word, mathematical software are crucial in every person’s life be it in an office or in the home environment. Entertainment aspects is also valuable since if computers were not incorporated with windows media center and windows media player working with them would be so boring and they would not be used majorly in homes. Most people use personal computers for entertainment purposes(Microsoft, 2010).

This site offers diverse information on Microsoft word including its advanced features which appear to be vital in my personal and my professional life. The information on built-in spell checker, thesaurus, dictionary, Office Assistant and utilities for transferring, copy, pasting and editing text are vital in my office and personal life. I can’t imagine preparing a home’s event program that has so many grammatical errors which could be easily be corrected using spell checker in word. Also a dictionary and thesaurus and features of copy pasting make the professional use of office word.

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