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My mission is to be a great leader in my society and serve my people according to their expectations. I will be of great impact to the people I lead and will help them face many challenging situations in life courageously. I want to be known not only by my society but also in the entire country as a person who can be relied on at all times. I will cultivate good leadership qualities such as courage and generosity that I see and admire in many worldly recognized leaders. This will be a stepping stone to my leadership dream. I will appreciate and enjoy the fruits of my leadership. I will take my mistakes positively and make corrective measures where necessary. I will be ready to listen to the needs of others and do my best to fulfill their wants. I will keep fit and healthy so that I gain the energy required to pursue all the set goals .I will live each day happily and relate well with everyone around me.

  1. Individuality

I will be lead by my inner guidance to become the leader I want to be. Since it is my decision to be a leader, I will do what I feel good doing as a leader and not what people will tell me. I will listen to other people’s ideas but the final decision on whether to implement it or not will be mine. I believe I have the qualities of a leader and my decisions will be the best. I will lead with a positive attitude and I believe I will have great achievements.

  1. Dedication

I will dedicate myself to be not only a leader but a mentor to others. I will share my talent with others making me the best leader. I will dedicate my time to doing all the available work and encouraging others to grow mentally and spiritually and hence uplifting their living standards.

  1. Collaboration and team work

I will involve other people directly or indirectly in my leadership. I will have a team which will act as an advisory committee incases where there are hard decisions to be made. I will respect others opinions .We will work as a team on the assigned tasks and acknowledging all the efforts put in. I will collaborate with other leaders and learn new values from them. By doing this I will be enhancing to my leadership skills as well as getting new ideas from others on issues which need to be done.

  1. Respect and responsibility

I will respect the people I lead and will take into great consideration anything they need from me. I will do this by enforcing a healthy relationship whereby they will be free to relate with me and share their thoughts. I will help the unemployed or underemployed people in my society by providing jobs training and opening of skill workshops. Through this, they will improve their living standards as they will have a source of income.

  1. Quality and effectiveness

My main focus will be on the people I will be serving. I will ensure that I provide quality services unlike many leaders do. I will do the right thing and avoid time wastage. I believe that this will help me do many duties as well as satisfy my peoples needs.

  1. Spiritual

I will love everyone around me and live each day by faith. I will spare some time and read the word of God, through this I will be closer to my Lord and he will show me the right thing to do. I will want to make a difference in others lives and be of great help to the needy.

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