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Current intelligence refers to intelligence issues, information and matters that require interpretation and evaluation promptly. It is official information, secretively collected and processed to formulate and implement foreign policies in foreign countries.

In spite of the fact that there is a scarcity of intelligence information to the public, the information affect the safety and lives of people in connection to the availability of resources, stability of social, economic and political capabilities, and security of a nation. Hence, intelligence consists of reliable and confidential sources that are implemented by state officers under the direction of military or state civilian leaders. Intelligence targets to investigate and disseminate information regarding foreign matters, persons, or states to the local government or authorities. Such information is secret & confidential and only relied upon by the government in order to influence foreign countries, and parties or understand the operations and activites of a foreign entity. Some of the topics of the current intelligence interests or issues include; the Bell curve, the Mozart effect, new and emerging theories of intelligence (MI) among many. Analysis and evaluation of the topics of interest is significant the information processed is used to make major decision that affects many lives.

New and Emerging Intelligence Theories

In the topic of new and emerging theories of intelligence, Intelligence has evoked several research experts since it is a field that is rapidly growing and evolving over the years. They argue that human intelligence is narrow-minded hence resulting to emerging of new and intelligence theories originating from multiple aspects relating to biological, logical, psychological, environmental and psychometrics perspectives. Intelligence has been measured and considered using eight factors which include brain potential and isolation when damage occurs to the brain, interpretation of such activities based on the evolution theory, operations of the brain, capacity of encoding and susceptibility, development progress, psychology and psychometric research findings.

The biological perspective of MI Intelligence perspective is highly linked to brain stability. Damage to the brain is presumed to lead to dissociation. For instance, patients suffering from stroke experience dissociation from others. In addition, environmental and evolution perspectives of intelligence is attained when a stroke patient develops and effectively adjusts to the new environment created.

Consequently, in logical analysis, intelligence information must possess specific values of operation for contextual allocation. Specific considerations are recognized and identified then operationalised. For instance, intelligence linked to linguistic command syntaxes of a language must be considered and the meaning of words respectively hence enhancing remembrance capabilities of intelligence.

In a musical intelligence situation factors such as rhythm, harmony, pitch and timbre must be considered.

Subsequently, Encoding criteria may be utilized to evaluate and interpret intelligence. In such cases, symbol systems are used to systematically analyze, interpret and disseminate information. For example use of logical equations, charts, maps, mathematical systems, drawings or language that is spoken. This intelligence enhances logical thinking, deductive reasoning, and the detection of patterns that relate to intelligence. 

A developmental perspective is demonstrated through education, studying and exposure to the preferred field of intelligence. For example, to development of mathematical abilities, one must spend several years studying mathematics or be exposed to mathematical experience.

On the other hand, psychological and psychometrical intelligence are attained and developed through experimental exposure.


Analysis and evaluation of the topics of interest are significant the information processed is used to make a major decision that affects many lives. Such information is secret & confidential and only relied upon by the government in order to influence foreign countries, parties or understand the operations and activities of a foreign entity. Hence, New and Emerging intelligence theories emphasize the importance of considering psychological, psychometrical, logical, and developmental research finding to ensure the accurate processing of intelligence information.

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