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Academic and Executive Coaching

The fact that the number of American college students has been steadily increasing since 1970s has been overshadowed by the alarming rates of student dropout and attrition that have steadily remained at 50%. Analysis of the problem of student dropouts and degree completion rates have stumbled upon a wealth of different explanations,  thus, delving into […]

Christianity vs. Feminist Theology

The original idea of feminism was to eliminate inequality of women and obtain all the basic rights God gave to every human being. The theory has influenced our society, politics, and social behavior by integrating sexism, gender equality, and equal opportunities. Influenced by feminism, the feminist theology is also based on the notion of gender […]

The Spiral Model vs. the Deterrence Model

The spiral model and deterrence model are rather similar as they try to provide explanations concerning the outbreak of war. However, according to the spiral model, the main reason of all the disputes is punishment, and the deterrence model states that acts of appeasement have a larger influence on this issue. Both the spiral and […]

The Social Transformation of Medicine

The state of American medicine has always been of a very large concern, and I guess that is why its quality is really high nowadays. Medicine is certainly a powerful world that is usually perceived as a complex system of diverse hospitals, clinics, and other organizations employing labor force. American medicine has experienced a set […]

Shortage of Nurses

Shortage of Nurses in the US Although there is a global shortage of nurses, the U.S. case is peculiar. This is because as Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart and Wright (2012) write, almost a third of the U.S nursing workforce is composed of citizens from other countries. The U.S. government does so because it saves on salaries […]

The Social Networking Sites

David Disalvo wrote the article “˜Are Social Networking Sites Messing Your Head?’ In his article, he mainly focuses on the characteristics of the people who participate in social networking sites. The writer observes that in the recent past, use of social media, especially social networking sites and blogs, has increased dramatically. This means that people […]

Low Birth Weight

I. A.1. Better access to advanced neonatal care for low birth weight infants improved newborn survival substantially. Infant mortality rates have been unacceptably high in the past. Bains (1862) reports: “Of the deaths in England in 1859, no less than 184,264 – two in every five of the deaths of the year – were of […]

Scientific Rigor in Qualitative Research

Qualitative research employs techniques such as direct and indirect observation, structured and unstructured interviews, and the review of secondary data. Following data collection, analysis generates themes and thematic relationships create models. Codebooks are also created to classify data and these make it easier to locate where themes have been lifted from. All these activities rely […]

Evolution as a Tinkerer

I used to treat evolution as a hereditable self-education. Having read Jacob’s Evolution and Tinkering recently it became evident to me that this approach might have been discreditably simplified at best. The paper made me look at the object from a slightly different angle of how a scientific approach should be applied, for this method […]

Central-Line Bloodstream Infection

Team D’s clinical outline is based on our selection of the clinical issue of central-line bloodstream infections (CLABSI) and treatment using evidence-based practice (EBP) in acute care. To gain an understanding of the clinical issue and the EBP central-line bundle, the team performed both quantitative and qualitative literature researches. A quantitative literature review found the […]

The Effect of Placebo

The effect of a placebo on pain is a relatively new area of study bolstered by findings stating that a placebo does reduce pain. By creating an expectation that pain will be relieved, a placebo is thought to stimulate the production of endorphins. This is known as placebo analgesia. The study by Wager et al. […]

Computer Technologies

As soon as the starting block of the CD-ROM is detected, it is ought to transfer the information to the memory in an adherent mode independently of the central processing unit, by the means of Direct memory access. Due to the organized track of block storage (blocks ordered in a spiral track) the head of […]

Human Sexuality Timeline

Homosexuality is an increasing phenomenon throughout all societies. Both well-known and recent approaches provide challenging theories to explain homosexuality. For example, an Austrian scientist Sigmund Freud argued that one’s life experiences, particularly the traumatic ones, could impact his/her development and the expression of his/her innate instincts. The first sexual experience being homosexual, a homosexual pattern […]

Four Fundamental Patterns of Knowing

There are four basic patterns of knowing: empirical, esthetics, personal, and ethical. Empirics is the process of constructing theory through research to produce objective, evidence-based explanations for nursing phenomena that can be generalized, such as when these become the basis of future actions. Esthetics is knowledge gained from practice and the subjective experience of perceiving […]

Hell’s Angels

This paper aims to discuss the Hells Angels Motorcycle originality of the group, their members and their impact on society. The Hells Angels Motorcycle club is a worldwide club of motorcycle riders. The motorcycle club began in1948 in California during the same time the economy had surpluses from the military bonuses as such, motorcycles were […]

Stroke Teaching

It has been noted that when caregivers of stroke patients are taught caregiving methods, it leads to improved mood and quality of life of both patients and caregivers, even though it does not affect the mortality of the patients. The costs, however, are reduced. Haley and Han have previously reported a dearth of substantial research […]

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