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Sexual Harassment of Women

Sexual harassment, despite being a serious crime that has room for several laws and statuses of the human rights act remains a quite common, being considered “normal” or “part of the job” for some women. In this study, one aims to show the difficulties of working in the restaurant industry when this type of behavior […]

Action Research

Action research is carried out by those participating in the research in order to improve and change it. It involves a scenario where a practitioner enquires about the effectiveness of his/her work from the respective audience. For instance, a teacher may make enquiries into the effectiveness of the teaching method used on the student’s performance. […]

Cardinal Virtues

Aquinas’ four cardinal virtues are the four principle hinges relevant to the human moral life. The term “cardinal” originates from the Latin word “cardo” that means “hinge”. The four virtues can be exercised by any individual as they represent the foundation of natural morality. The main objective of this paper is to explore Aquinas’ four […]

Google and China

What philosophical principles did Google’s managers adopt when deciding that the benefits of operating in China outweigh the costs? After reading the case study, it becomes clear that Google’s managers used the utilitarian approach in order to get the benefits from the Chinese advertising market. The term “utilitarian approach” means that the company would perform […]

Descriptive and Evaluation

Empowering Older People: Beyond the Care Model. Journal of Social Work The paper seeks to address on means through which elderly people can be empowered. To be precise, the paper explores the models and strategies that can be employed in order to empower the social work practices that seek to address the elderly. The article […]

The Power of the Five Senses

Humans and animals were created with five senses very important for their survival. The five senses utilized by both animals and humans are smell, touch, taste, sight as well as hearing. The powers of the five senses are exemplified in their functions and importance to human and animal survival through the daily happenings. The importance […]

Dimensional Accuracy

Dimensional accuracy is the precision with which machining of a given work piece is comparable to some basic dimensions. Accuracy shows how closely an output conforms to allowable tolerance. Normally, the tolerance is within some specified range. Dimension accuracy varies for different works; hence, a designer needs to know the best procedure that would fit […]

Science, Philosophy and Belief in God

This paper will defend that “Descartes gave God so much power in his philosophical system that without God the entire system would collapse, which proves the he was a religious philosopher as well as a strong supporter of science.” He uses the logical deduction to argue for the existence of God, claiming that to erase […]

Capstone CheckPoint

Keeps this in mind piecing together service programs of any organization for human services. This is particularly important for larger companies or organizations. Some programs may not achieve the design of a comprehensive mission of the organization. Such programs are not effective, and they cannot allow the organization to achieve its goals. Thus, decision-makers need […]

Gender Equality in Sports

Gender Equality in Sports Introduction Example Gender equality in sports was questioned and challenged throughout history. Moreover, both genders have faced irresistible barriers when trying to participate in a sport that was considered improper for their gender. Despite a huge progress related to gender issues, most people still do not accept women’s participation in such […]

Male and Female Friendships

In the social world, sex is a key attribute in molding relationships. This contention becomes evident after reviewing the differences that are present in male and female friendships. Sex is apparently a chief determinant in the patterns of associations among people .Although females and males have different reasons why they relate to each other, research […]

CO2 Concentration

The current levels of CO2 concentration have risen from approximately 315 PPM to over 390 parts per million (PPM) in 55 years. In the past 450,000 years ago, the highest levels of CO2 concentration were recorded about 325,000 years ago, when it was approximately 295 PPM (Chlumberger Excellence in Educational Development, 2012). This is much […]

Karl Marx’s Concept of ‘Mystification’

Mystification refers to distortions of opinions of reality, which obscures that reality. Ideological performances generate human beings as social subjects through transformation of lived experiences into subjectivity. The concept of mystification concerns the manner in which cognitive ideas of what is in existence are formed out of the living experiences. The experiences are formed such […]

U.S. Nuclear Policy for the Middle East

The Middle East is one of the regions of the world that have faced serious political instability. The region plays host to significant historic antagonist states of the world, which are Palestine, Israel and Iran. These countries have had endless geographical disagreements which often result in wars. The war between these states has been a […]

Purposes of DNA Testing

There are various purposes of DNA testing. For instance, DNA testing plays a role in law enforcement. This view holds since DNA samples are often stored in law enforcement databases. In case of commission of crimes, samples are taken from the scenes, and tests are done to determine the culprits. Although this use is controversial, […]

Cross Cultural Psychology

Knowing What I Know Now In a general sense, I have to admit that the course enabled me to clarify my own understanding of the concept of critical thinking and make it more concrete and operable. Basically, I reckon that critical thinking appears to be a specific mode of thinking which implies the constant dissection […]

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