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The capital city of South Korea is known as Seoul. The city’s population is approximately 10 million people, with almost a quarter of South Koreans living in this city. Samsung’s tower palace three is the tallest building in the city. Although Korea is the only nation in the world that is separated, the city is not different from other capital cities. According to the official statistics, many people from North Korean swim across a river into China and finally head to South Korea. They do this in search of their freedom. Currently, there are over 23,000 defectors in Seoul. This paper will focus on regions where defectors settle to rebuild their urban life and further refinements of social conflictions between defectors and natives in the city.

From previous research, it is apparent that the experience of escaping from North Korea is very similar to that of leaving a large family. In addition, this family is illustrated as a corporate entity. According to this illustration, leaving the country is metaphorically used to demonstrate how one can lose parts of his/ her integrity. The city has not only served as a place of ideological indoctrination but also different ideological views.

It is important to focus on the question of whether peace and freedom can coexist in the modern world. Environments that have experienced dramatic changes host defectors within the ruins of an insecure city. It is an undeniable fact that people from both North and South Korea share the same history. As a matter of fact, they share the same genetic coding, which implies that they all resemble each other. They also share the same language, perhaps only their personality may be different.

Most of the defectors live in the region called “Incheun”. It is an area where people can easily access Seoul city. However, the defectors usually prefer to remain in this area, which is out of the city because of their different views about open places. Perhaps, this is because they want a private life and are afraid of being seen in public. Conventionally, population tends to concentrate in large cities. However, in a very real sense, the city may not be a place where people’s privacy is restricted. Instead, it is a perfect place for hiding people’s unforgettable identity. From the “Violence of Architecture” the architecture’s violence is fundamental and unavoidable; architecture is related to events in a similar manner that the guard is associated with the prisoner, the police to the law offenders, the physician to the patient, and the order to chaos. The Seoul city is full of different kinds of entertainment, with few people knowing much about other’s personal life. It can therefore be said that the city resembles a home for many reasons.

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