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Compare and contrast the sociological perspective and sociological imagination, give examples of each using real life experience

Sociological perspective has two key aspects according to Shepard which include the interaction between social structure and the individual and the idea of two levels of analysis (3). He continues to say that sociological perspective points out factors that are beyond our control. In his studies Shepard established that sociological perspective does not focus on the behavior of individuals alone but on the patterns of behavior which the individuals share with others or a group in the society (3).

A real life example of sociological perspective is that I knew about the map of our country at the age of ten years. However a friend of mine during a class group discussion about geographical locations and continents tried to convince me that it was not by substituting it with a map of another country. This did not change my perspective about the geographical location of our country.

On the other hand Sociology says that sociological imagination “replaces common misconceptions about social life with accurate information and explanations” (7). According to Sociology he commented that through “sociological imagination one is able to become aware of the rationale for infanticide practiced by a society under extreme population pressure and living on the margin of subsistence” (7). It is sociological imagination that allows us to have the conception that by joining a gang is a good social act that provides some young men and women with a sense of security and belonging which they have not found elsewhere.

An example of sociological imagination was that I joined a young football club at our school which made me feel like a hero. Through playing with my fellow teammates it made me have a sense of belonging that could not be found in the normal classes.

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